Tuesday, June 18, 2013

#WarOfWords - Tug of War by Moses Ukam aka Young Flashy

This entry came in at a few seconds to 12 am last night.
Thus it is officially the last entry for War Of Words Slam Poetry Competition.
We have 23 videos in all,
and we are going to watch them all, over and over again,
before we pick the best 15 poets.
Who gets in?
Who gets axed?
Its unfortunately that we can't feature all the poets that put in their entry.
But it is good to know we have ready backup for the older and more established poets.
It is good to know that Spoken Word Poetry is growing in Nigeria,
and it is good to know, that this is just the beginning of something greater than we ever imagined.

War Of Words - Tug of War by Moses Ukam aka Young Flashy

In the history of existence no man,
I mean no man has ever won life nor
Defeat death; except him.
Him who lives in it,
Every particle that sustains man
To win it.did I say the devil? no!
Earth?...there are 52 equal percentage
Alphabetically cross-checked
Life-line  like a candle waxing wasting
Perhaps like a light up cigarette
Burning waiting for no smoker owner

With my finger I clutch my pen
I find myself traveling distance miles
Like a troubadour as i trounced
Yet ensuring words-war
Like wordsworth a word to word
Tug of war erupted as stray words
Fly-by sluts snatcher whore.....
What have you?the rest you know

Amidst this,she smiled
Like the scroll of the annals,
The archives inscribe with a secret
Of seduction such evolve the
Quest to a decipher the allegory yet
Unveiled shattering the iron-bars
Of my primitive inhibitions,with a
Nonsensical sense and incessant punch
Of a congealed feelings,
She smiled

In my heart she owns no space but
She's in it to win it.
Many a times she turns me into crime
To the almighty "yes"am guilty
But trust me she's always alibi
And mirth less. Like....(Laugh)
She brought me nothing but misery
And she made stress called a joy that Last for just few seconds but to
Behold all painful sweetness of Nothing.

I choose to make my words become
My swords and my lines as sharp as Oddesys arrow,so my sword arrow Crossed pierced into her
And she will loose her total strength
On the last day,when he will come
He will restore all the lost hopes
I saw on the eyes of late okon's
Children. I choose life in it,
I choose life in it to win my
Soul to Christ.

Watch the video on this link
#WarOfWords - Tug Of War by Moses ukam aka Young Flashy