Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Gbenga Osowe: The POETIC PSALMIST.#WarOfWords

Osowe Oluwagbenga Omolayo likes to describe himself by his itinerary, thus: Classroom (where he teaches Mathematics at GMAT amongst other levels), Church (where he sings, worships and performs poems) and computer (that includes his smartphone and playbook where he writes poems, reads books and listens to music).

A music lover, Gbenga discovered the poet in him in May 2012 when news of James Ibori’s incarceration prompted him to write a poem titled “GOLDEN GATES” and he has not stopped writing poems tinged with humour and sarcasm since then. 

He loves to teach, sing, listen to music and write poems and he is a firm believer in the bright future of the Spoken Word industry in Nigeria. 

Watch out for more poems from this POETIC PSALMIST.

Watch his video entry after the break

The Race by Osowe Olugbenga

This life is a race like the Grand Prix
And I have got my winning Formula

1, I stand strong and keep my focus,
Ignoring all the hordes of distractions and their hocus-pocus
Keeping my concentration on the winner’s medal as my sole attraction
Even as I put on the garment of persistence
No matter the barriers and resistance
Enduring the pain,
Knowing that my efforts would not be in vain,
When the trophy becomes my gain,
Bringing me fame at the end of this game
And then the whole world would hear my name

2, I tackle this race like a battle, 
My resolve to win none can rattle,
God’s promise to me surer than the words any oracle’s
That’s why I step into the fray to face all obstacles,
Facing challenges, daring to do the impossible
Standing, I arm myself with the ultimate weapon- my words,
Speaking victory and mysteries,
Casting aside the elements of fear, doubts and miseries
I arm myself with the words that bring life,
So death cannot thrive,
My words bring me victory and light
So failure and darkness, take flight

3, I face this race of life like a football game,
Where I; am on God’s team, my victory – guaranteed,
Though challenges may come like an opponent with great skills and fancy dribbles,
I’ve only got eyes on the goal post, not on life’s foibles,
I set my targets, ready, aim and I shoot,
For the thrill of goals scored, the joy of success
Will kill all memories of the stress and distress
So now I apply my heart knowledge, just like a student of calculus
Differentiating my strengths from my weaknesses, but this is no talk about dy/dx
Rather I seek to know the why, the what, the who, the when and the how
To overcome my weaknesses, and then
I integrate my skills and opportunities
Making them of benefit to mankind and to God who
Daily loads me with benefits

So I stand and say this
That though the task before me be daunting,
And the crowd of doubters, increasing
I am in this battle of life to win it
Even when I take steps, that seem limiting,
And life’s troubles come at me in their legions
I will be the champion, for I am in it to win it
Come rain, come shine, come cold, come heat,
I’d never quit but stand strong, holding my head up
The victor at the end of it all!

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