Monday, November 19, 2012

Increase, the 13 year old poet, who dazzled us at #WordUpVol2 ...!!!!

What did you know when you were at age 13?
Did you know the meaning of REVOLUTION????
What did you do when you were age 13?
Did you ever get on stage in front of adults to speak out loud?????

Increase, a 13 year old poet speaks words far wiser than his age, 
shows the confidence even a 30 year old will struggle to show 
and he dominates the stage like he was born on it.

Listen to this fiery 13 year old poet who is truly a gemstone show the stuff he is made of at WORD UP Volume 2.

Increase shows there is hope for the Nigerian youths, and indeed hope for Nigeria as a Nation.


  1. It is great for the teenager but we must commend the brains behind "WORD UP" for creating an avenue to promote spoken words and discover young talents like increase

  2. I am so disappointed but what with the echo in the sound and the hissing all the way through, I can barely understand a word. Is there a transcript of Increase's poem? This I know takes the shine off a spoken word performance and almost defeats the purpose but otherwise I have no way of appreciating this young man's work.

    1. My apologies Maggie, this recording was from my cousin's camera. We have a more professional recording currently under going editing. I will put it up once it is ready and notify you.

    2. Hi Maggie,

      Original Video has been upgraded, do watch and enjoy this poetic performance by a 13 year old.

  3. If you have a better audio recording on its way, its better you don't put this one up. Wait for the better one, and upload it. This will let people know that the program was professionally done.

    Excellence is key here.

    1. The video is actually very ok, I just watched it online.

    2. Do use an headset.....!!!!

  4. Mr Olulu,good show all through! I know what is takes to do what you did,to do a “no-gate-fee” event of that quality and style with a free anthology book/Compact Disk no be beans o!
    Word Up!!!! You did well...