Monday, June 24, 2013

He is Bionic with "wordly" habit #WarOfWords

We will be bringing to you the profiles of all the 15 finalists for WAR OF WORDS - Slam Poetry Competition. The event comes up on Sunday June 30th 2013 from 3pm at Bogobiri House, Ikoyi, Lagos.

First up...................BIONIC!!!!

Bionic is a veteran wordsmith that is wanted in over five states of the country for rhyme-related crimes.
He plans to cross seas with this ''wordly habit'' of his. He works as a Copywriter.

He's been writing words for as long as he can remember.
He carries a pen and a pad everywhere he goes...even to bed.
On very rare occasions that one of the two items is absent, he writes on any surface; his open palm, the back of his hand, lay-away flyers, even on the flipside of the golden paper on the inside of an empty, ripped cigarette pack. Hence his line, ''The pen is my weapon/Lyrical or physical/...''
He draws inspiration from reading the bible and all kinds of stuff, flyers, magazines, newspapers, books; encyclopedias, dictionaries (Trying to do a page a day). Lol. 
He likes to work-out, swim, loves to play scrabble with his prettiful wife and chess.
Bionic feels the future of Spoken word in Nigeria is yet surprising to all. Keyword, all.

Catch more of his pieces on his youtube channel;

Below is his entry for War Of Words -Slam Poetry Competition

AFRICA by Ikenna "Bionic" Mbah

Why is it as Andrew, we seek ablactation from outside of Africa?
Like a babe in the woods, I'm bitterly blessed by Africa
Cadence, my Coal City crafted Africa
I "Deebo" the mic, the deed broke dreams for Africa 
Estray can't eschew to estivate in East Africa
I face out! I forever fly in the face of Africa
This gabfest gangster gaff, we're going gaga in Africa
Hackles raised, habitude crazed, harken to Africa
Immortal inertia in Africa
Justifies hope for a James Bond-type jerk for Africa
Killed for the moment but Keyser Sose became Africa
We live forever a day/Lackaday! Lackadaisical Africa
Mindboggling, my words e humble/I be African
Nouns, naissances, none nearly African
Obtest to God, this ode be a good omen for Africa
Parasite to parvenu, put peace first in Africa
Quarantine minds/Radial radical race to the sanitarium
Some speak in tandem, yet taciturn
Uhuru by any means, like some unbeknownst con
Vandal-turned-voice, vocation or avocation
Words waddling out, exit man
A yes-man yielding to what's-in than wisdom
Africa zealotry zany but like Zoro, we mask it
From zero to zenith, like Zaccheus; we're in it to win it.

Word meanings
1: Deebo_Inspired by the character from Ice Cube's ''Friday'' movies. Originally means to steal something.
2: Uhuru_Swahili for ''Freedom''.

Watch the video via this link 

#WarOfWords - AFRICA by Bionic

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