Thursday, June 13, 2013

#WarOfWords - EXTRATERRESTRIAL by Seye La Poet

this guy man says he will win even if I be PDP.
Olorun maje...!!!
If I catch you eh............
Ok, ba yawa
I will wait for you. 
Shebi you don make mouth finish.
You forget na me go be judge, jury, prosecutor, and executioner for that day.
Walahi if you no win eh.........anyways, 
daz all......!!!

#WarOfWords - EXTRATERRESTRIAL by Seye La Poet

Some win some
Some loose some
But, I win all
Infact! that's my objective in every war
So, War Of Words cannot be an exception
And to all my competitors...please, wait at the reception

You see I know success like the very hair on my chest
Even the best of the best say I'm the best
So, whilst so are worked up on how to win
I'm relaxed sipping metaphors and punch lines like a cup of tea

Make no mistake
I'm in this to win
Even if Olulu and his team are members of PDP

Make no mistake 
I'm in this to win
I'm extraterrestrial
Not a human being

Watch the video via this link 

#WarOfWords - EXTRATERRESTRIAL by Seye La Poet


  1. Relax bro
    You stand a better chance playin d god of wars/
    Cos for what its worth
    No man can fight this war of thots/
    Come against me
    And be ready for a dust to dust/
    I'm that corrosive,
    Metalic heads would be left to rust/
    Baptisms for the docile
    Exorcisms to the hostile/
    Drop that mic bro
    U aint ready to swim with a crocodile!

    Wanna be part of this War of Words...follow me back on @jimmyarogs

  2. Aaaite!thumbs up@ seye,but
    Guess d war starts here:
    No this;....Poe-tree(poetry)got no
    Root but words which I spit-twah!
    Call me d pidgin poet..........
    Poe-Tree don get root-me..bleeding
    Ink with no clot...@Romlexy