Thursday, June 13, 2013

#WarOfWords - Life by El-Karis Kbeat Ipinmoroti

Well, just trying my rhyming skills, 
but its not about me, 
its about El-Karis
as he tells us his view on life.

#WarOfWords - Life by El-Karis Kbeat Ipinmoroti

LIFE- can anyone define it
we know not what its all about we only know who designed it
the quest to know the answer is the reason am writting
so many findings has been done ultimatesearch couldnt find it to the issue of the day
why are we born if we are still going to die anyway?
why do we smile if we are still going to cry anyway?
and why do we cry if we are still going to smile anyways?
i guess life should be called a two way traffic
cos u either sell or u buy
u either smile or u cry
u say the truth or u lie
u either live or u die.
now some people are born poor for no fault of theirs
nobody sends them and no one really cares
while others are born into fortune and inherited shares
they say the only place to find ultimate peace is in the grave
its applicable to everyone,rich or poor it remains desame
human wants are unlimited,one goes another comes in
demn,another comes in.
atimes i wonder why we worry about things we cant change
everything happens for a reason,good or bad
and that we cant change

Watch the video via this link

#WAROFWORDS- life by El-karis kbeat Ipinmoroti

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