Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Felix D Great has got the Grit to win #WarOfWords

Name: Felix Nnamdi Egbomuche

D.O.B: March 24th, 1992

A Poet, Mellifluous Singer, Astute Composer and Blogger, Chastity Instructor, Dedicated Student of Philosophy and a Teacher.

He works as an assistant to the Principal Consultant of Abstinence Icon, a sex solution company. He is also the social media officer at Da School of Life Ministry.

He Loves reading, writing, Philosophising, watching football, blogging his thoughts and playing with Words.
He calls himself The Next Big Name Of the Nigerian Spoken Word Industry and believes he can be one of the greatest Spoken Word Poet from this part of the world.

Meet 'the Priest of the Invisible,' Felix d great.


Twitter: @Felixdgreat1

Watch his video after the break

My vision, My mission by Felix The Great

I have vision that supersedes human imagination
I am on a mission to transform my generation
To bring restoration back to my nation
So we live a life of jubilation

I am heading to a precious destination 
A land of restitution
A land of celebration
A land where against us there would be no condemnation

But I am faced by situations of heavy devastation
My way is filled with trails and tribulations
And my soul craves for internal redemption

My days are filled with tears 
My heart with worries and fear
This vision seem so unclear
The land I seek is nowhere near

These burden of pain I cannot bear 
These garment of shame I want to un-wear
Wish someone can my cry hear
And help me with this dream that is so rare

But looking around i see no one who cares
And giving up is all my mind shares
Then comes this loud voice inside my ear 
Words of liberation that is all I hear

It says: look not at what you see and do no listen to what your mind share
I have given you the spirit of boldness not fear
I am with you, you know that I care
Given up is not an option,cos I am in it to win.

 Watch the video here:

#WarOfWords - My vision, My mission by Felix D Great

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