Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Seye La Poet: confident of winning #WarOfWords

Seye Ogunniyi a.k.a Seye la poet is a dynamic Creative Writer and Performing Poet. 

He performed at a recent Poetry workshop hosted by Veteran Spoken Word Artist- Shihan Van Clief (Of Def Poetry Jam) in Lagos, Nigeria. He has also performed at Chill and Relax (an opne mic monthly spoken word event) along with other notable poets in Nigeria.

His poem; "RIGHT BEHIND YOU JACK" is published in "INTO THE SHADOWS" ( An International Anthology) by FORWARD POETRY (UK) and it's available at the British Library, further libraries across UK and Republic of Ireland.

Seye la poet is single and searching.

Watch his video entry after the break


Some win some
Some loose some
But, I win all
Infact! that's my objective in every war
So, War Of Words cannot be an exception
And to all my competitors...please, wait at the reception

You see I know success like the very hair on my chest
Even the best of the best say I'm the best
So, whilst so are worked up on how to win
I'm relaxed sipping metaphors and punch lines like a cup of tea

Make no mistake
I'm in this to win
Even if Olulu and his team are members of PDP

Make no mistake 
I'm in this to win
I'm extraterrestrial
Not a human being

Watch the video via this link 

#WarOfWords - EXTRATERRESTRIAL by Seye La Poet

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