Tuesday, June 25, 2013

K-Meks #InItToWin on the day of His Dad's Birthday #WarOfWords

NAME: Otuya Emeka Kingsley

STAGE NAME: K-MEKS...meaning...Keep-Mastering-Every-Knowledge-System..!! 

DATE OF BIRTH: 11th March 

ADDRESS: Warri-Delta Sate, Nigeria.

OCCUPATION: Student of Delta State University...studying Mechanical Engineering

L.G.A: Ukwuani Local Government Area-Delta State.

WHAT I DO: Writing, Spoken Word Poetry, Acting, Directing, Master-Of-Ceremonies, Preaching.

WRITING: I started writing from Primary School...but Poetry for me started January 2009 in the University....Infact, the name "K-meks" is synonymous with poetry in my school...I get my inspiration from; The Holy Spirit..and my environment. when i want to write, i first meditate on the theme or title for some time...then I'm good to go.

FOR THE RECORDS: I always use elipsis(...), when i write...I'm a Manchester United Fan & One of the best poets I've seen is my younger brother- Friday Otuya...who is a 200L Mass Communication Student of UNIBEN.

ABOUT SPOKEN WORD POETRY: Poets should be proud of what they do..'Cos We're in this business to win..!!

Watch his video entry after the cut.......

IN IT TO WIN by K-meks Otuya

Each time I cast a gaze at the state of my fatherland
A confused countenance appears before me
It causes a sense of phobia that erupts from the mess, we stand upon
Finding its way through my knee caps and into my thighs
And gradually, settles like a digested food in my bowels
Generating an awful sensation that keeps me awake each night-Pondering and Thinking
Where did we miss the path shown to us by our fathers?
How did we get to Herod's Palace, seeking the death of Christ-Us?
From whence did we attract this destructive spell?
I asked! I thought!! I wept!!!
In my wallowing and sorrowing state
I recalled the story, as it was told in our History class
Great Compatriots who envisaged a great Nigeria
Lifting up their banners
Standing against the plague of colonialism
Dogged men who were armed to the teeth
For they were armed with Courage, Strength and Might
Fighting but for a just cause
Heroes who laid aside Greed and Selfish interests
Complementing one another
Engaging the colonial masters in constructive dialogue
Giving their all and best-They obliged
'Cos they were in it to win
Oh! Yes they won
They won in their quest for freedom
Gaining Independence from the hands of the Queen's men
Upholding the element of continuity
Teaching us the pledge
Oh! How they envisaged
A Nation where food will be available to all
A Nation whose wealth will be evenly distributed
A Nation of Peace and Tranquility
Where normalcy and decency would exude from all sectors of the economy
In these-they lived for..laboured..and died for
But right from the tombs where they lay-I hear their crys
Crying for a generation seeking direction
A Nation of people with no defined purpose for living
Burdened by these anomalies-I make this clarion call
Arise! Fellow Countrymen
The race to prominence isn't easy-No doubt
But we must Brace-Up ourselves
Holding on to the truth
Binding us together
That we are Africa's Giant
Transforming Nigeria from this pitiable state, 
to a state-of-the-Art Nation
I dare to say, If we believe truly in this
The world ain't seen nothing yet,
Cos we're in it to win.

Watch the video via this link