Saturday, June 15, 2013

#WarOfWords -No be say Dem say by D Ray

This is the first Pidgin English entry,
and it is all the way from Calabar.
The guy dey yarn,
and I gbadun the yarn.
He said he is in it to win,
and his "winning get muscle."
Well, we shall see about that.

#WarOfWords-No be say Dem say by D Ray

At the beginning lines of my Rhyme schemes lays memories of noble laureates like Wole Soyinka,who have fought likes of metaphors and irony's wriggling words so that common sense won't die,so I refuse not the soft but to use words which are hard and heard to punch-kick lines of my lines like kung-fu;even as I say.....

If to say my pen get option,
Eee for no gree write dis poem
Or my mouth get cap
Eee for no gree spit dis lines

If to say "I go" get eye to see,
Eee for office me so dat "I go"
Talk say "I go" compose dis poem later Wen I go house unto say "I go"I go"
No go go get end.

If to say we be paper and some people
Na pen....hmn dat one?
Dem for don write us off tay!
Or even ma self erase our career
With tipex forget eraser
Our shelves for de for under bed
For inside one village.

If to say I get two face
Or i be dibia [Tu-FaceIdibia]
With black face[Black-Face]
I for face[Faze]
African Queens with my
Jazz like don[Don-Jazzy].

If to say I no enter dis cage come
Fight word to word gidigbo
With pidgin,my ideas for still re-scale. But unto say idea dear so te him-ma
Follow say" I"Dear"
Me ma self come know say dem know
Say me know say dem know say
I enter am to win am na
In it to win it
As I don enter am to win am?......
My wining get muscle.

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  1. Omehn na wa oh! Poem 4 pidgin english? dis is xtra wow!
    Neva xpect em

  2. if 2 say i b d judge..u 4 win am like supa one man