Sunday, June 16, 2013

#WarOfWords - Deep Words for a Brother by Ifeanyi Bernard

There is so much I can say about this piece,
but there is so little I want to say.
Read on and you might understand why.

War Of Words - Deep Words for a Brother by Ifeanyi Bernard 

I lost a friend
And now I have a torn heart to mend.
Of course not by a shoemaker 
but by a true maker, 
God almighty and he is doing it

I need a miracle
Olorunfemi Banjoko
An Iroko, 
gone too soon like the vapour from monsoon
He was young, tender and kind hearted.
Brave, strong, intelligent
Smart, not belligerent
 He made himself an asset before he parted.

Femi, Femi,
When you became a medical doctor, you smiled with the thought that you would take care of your family--- Health wise
And when you joined the Nigerian Army, you also did smile with the thought that you would protect your family and nation at large--- Security wise
But where was the Nigerian army when you were delivered into the hands of death?
Perhaps, they were busy chasing the northern group who were formerly selling coco and ram but are now popularly known as Boko Haram.

Who knows the size of death?
It could be a giant or it could be a dwarf
It could be as large as a whale or it could be as slim as a figure like a stick of macaroni
A sound of warning!
Death is powerful!
Death is no respecter of health or wealth
The mere thought of it changes the mood
But hang on, the truth has to be told for good
The say the truth is bitter
So, I wouldn’t be surprised if you cry me a litre
Or better still, a river

You can’t bribe death with millions or billions or trillions of pounds and shillings
Or else, you would be chilling in the mortar where death would pound you at once
And reduce your weight to an ounce.
You can’t bribe death with food, if I could, I would prepare it a delicious indomie with fried eggs or fufu with ofe Egusi.
In order to be physically and mentally stable, we sit on tables to eat good food like fruits and vegetables such as carrots-carrots
But sometimes we fail to realize that when we die we all rot and only get enriched with maggots-maggots
If death were to be a handsome man like Olulu, 
the king not from Zulu, 
you can’t possibly seduce him with body hogs and mini-skirts
And if death were to be a beautiful woman like Atilola, you can’t possibly seduce her with 6 packs or 1 pack like mine.

This is my very first piece so I will sign off in peace but before I leave in peace, may the soul of Olorunfemi Banjoko and the soul of your most loved lost ones and the soul of the faithful departed rest in perfect peace. Amen

Watch the piece here


  1. Lol @ If death were to be a handsome man like
    the king not from Zulu,
    you can’t possibly seduce him with body hogs and mini-skirts.... This Guy plan U ooo

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