Sunday, March 31, 2013

Toni Payne wowed us on stage at WORD UP Volume 3.

The Celebrity poet for WORD UP Volume 3 aka Da Love Thang, came, performed and wowed us.
Toni Payne, (an Entrepreneur, Spoken Word Poet, Event Compere, and CEO of Toni Payne Concepts) was live at WORD UP Volume 3 and she did not disappoint.
With charisma of a veteran Spoke Word Poet, 
she flowed words so deep and profound
The first poem had our imagination running riot, 
while the 2nd poem got us sober and thinking.
In short, the two poetry pieces she did were both on point.


Celebrity Poet, Toni Payne doing a Spoken Word Poetry piece  titled, "I should have known"  at WORD UP Volume 3 aka Da Love Thang which held on February 16, 2013 in Lagos, Nigeria. WORD UP is the biggest Spoken Word Poetry event  in Nigeria. It features A-list Spoken Word Poets on the same stage.

Celebrity Poet, Toni Payne doing a Spoken Word Poetry piece  titled, "White Walls"  at WORD UP Volume 3 aka Da Love Thang which held on February 16, 2013 in Lagos, Nigeria. WORD UP is the biggest Spoken Word Poetry event  in Nigeria. It features A-list Spoken Word Poets on the same stage.

Intermission....(as it happened on Easter Sunday 2000 years ago).

Christ died and because he bore our sins He went to hell. The devil was right about that but what he did not count on was what would happen when Christ got to hell. You see up to a second after Christ died the devil thought he was smarter than God but as soon as Christ entered hell well let’s just say  ‘all hell was let loose on hell’.
The angels who up onto the last moment had their heads bowed in pain, which the demons had mocked’ were suddenly the ones laughing. Oh boy did they laugh. But before they laughed they fought. The devil thought he could claim Christ just as he claimed so many men of faith.  Remember the righteous people who rose up and went about preaching after the death of Christ there was a battle for them.
When Christ descended, the circle and the multitude went with him ready to fight for their King with a determination to turn hell into heaven if need be. Imagine their happy surprise when Christ declared “Lucifer I have come for the souls of the righteous u have kept trapped in Sheol.” “What do you mean u have come for? You are a dead sinner now remember?” Retorted the devil "Lucifer the sad thing about you is you never learn. I am God. I know the end from the beginning” Christ declared.  “Did you really think you can blindside me?" He asked? His glory fully restored He shined brighter than the sun. His glory brought light even to the darkest places in hell. At that moment, understanding came upon the multitudes of angels and they began to laugh with relief, joy and respect for the Ancient of days. "What is so funny to you all?" Asked Lucifer. "Answer me!!" He bellowed when no one seemed inclined to answer. "Poor Lucifer" said Michael," You were never the smartest were you? Then again if you were you won't have dared God. This is what happened. Christ was sent to die from the beginning. He is the sacrifice for sin. You know God can't behold sin; there was only 1 way to get the sins of the world heaped on Christ. Make you believe this was your ultimate play. Make you think you could win this battle by keeping you ignorant of the details. A rightoues man can't enter hell Christ needed the sins for two reasons to come and set these ones you held captive free and ensure that anyone who calls on Jesus Christ would be set free even the generations to come. So you see you never stood a chance.” “No!!!!” Screamed the devil "No. Not possible!" As he screamed the demons that had not being paying attention turn to see what was wrong. "Why is he so upset on our victory day?" Verflucht asked Elend who was beside him. “How would I know? Are we not here together?" Elend and Nutzlos responded eyeing Verflucht. "I won't allow this I would fight this!” Shouted devil “O my please do" said Dinami "I was hoping you would say that" said angel CharĂ¡ another member of the circle.
 And so swords were drawn and the angels who were laughing just a few minutes ago looked menacing enough to kill just with a look. This definitely sent some demons running to different hiding places. "Stay your swords!" ordered Christ "Give me the righteous they are all I came here for." Christ said. "You can't have them" stammered devil "they have sinned. And the blood of goats and cows can’t purify them. ” “Yes they have but I have been wounded for their sins, bruised for their iniquities and the chastisement for their peace has been laid upon me. I have purified them with my blood. They are not yours anymore." As Jesus Christ spoke those words the chains that bound the righteous fell away. And they began to go to earth and preach the gospel.  "Apollyon, who is on the winning side now?" Asked angel PrĂ³odos.
The demons began to wail and mourn throwing themselves into the fire. All of them trying to avoid the devil and realising that they would never win. No matter what they do they could never win God and now that God has given mankind Jesus Christ any man that trust in Him would be saved.           
All the while this was happening in hell, the angels who had stayed in heaven with God laid prostrate before the Jehovah worshiping as the events began to unfold and their understanding was opened. God sat on his throne smiling with pride at his son and laughing as the angels taunted and the demons. It was a happy day in heaven and if only mankind had been aware of what was happening, it would have a day of celebration as well.
So as we move from Good Friday to Easter, let us remember that the Saturday in between was not left empty we might not have named it but on this day too God was ensuring a space for those who walk in the path He has laid before them.       
 by Dupe Holloway


Friday, March 29, 2013


At the point of Jesus’s arrest when He said ”put away your sword” many believe He was talking to the disciples who were trying to defend him actually He was talking to the host of angels who had drawn their swords to slay the men who had dared to lay a rough hand on Christ. This is what happened:

Every time Jesus walked with him disciples, He had his body guards (angels with blazing fiery swords) walking with him they moved in an unbreakable circle round him. We would call them the circle. When Judas and those who arrested Jesus came close the circle sensed that they would try to harm their king but Christ silently commanded them to let them through. The demons behind these men started to jeer and sneer at the circle.
As they arrested Jesus and started to manhandle him the circle surged forward, swords drawn and ready to do battle that was coincidentally the same moment a man cut off another’s ear so when Jesus said “put away your sword”,  we assumed he was talking to the ear cutting man but he was actually talking to the circle.
At this point the upset members of the circle sent a delegate to talk to angel Michael maybe he can get God’s permission to destroy the mortals who are being rude to their king. We would call the delegated angel Dinami. “Do you mean to tell me that they dragged my King away in your presence and you all did nothing? Michael bellowed Dinami takes a step back before responding “it was out of our hands sir that’s why I was sent to ask you to talk to God so we would know how to proceed.” Michael looks at Dinami like he has grown 4 heads “Christ is His son, His ONLY son. of course he wants us to protect Him. Slay the mortals as for the demons make them regret the day they aligned themselves to Lucifer.” “You would do no such thing” said the booming voice at the sound of it the angels fell to their knees and bowed their faces. The voice belonged to God. “Dinami do as Christ ordered and stay out of it. Be by his side but offer no help and no protection do you understand me?”  “But God He was dragged away like a criminal a whole King of the Earth.” “That is the least of all He is to face” came the response from the booming voice. Surprised every angel in heaven and the 24 elders looks at the face of God for the 1st time and that’s when they see that he is in pain tears streaming down his face. Their surprise becomes shock. “God!! You are crying?” Hearing this, the 24 elders turn and look at the earth then they see. They see Jesus being slapped punched, whipped, and mocked they gasp and double over as though they are in pain too. On hearing the gasp Michael and Dinami turn to look at the 24 elders seeing them bend over confused them. They too looked at what the elders were looking at. They looked at the same moment a whip connected with the skin on Christ back on seeing this, all the angels of war let out a roar and drew their swords. All of them ready to descend on the earth in fierce anger and kill every1 hurting their King. The world would have come to an end that day if not for God. "Michael stand down" came the surprising order. "What??? God did you just say stand down?" God raises an eyebrow "you dare to question me?" Contrite and bowing Michael responds "am sorry my God. I was confused and angry that's why I stopped thinking. Please Majesty forgive". "Rise. All of you rise. I understand and I am proud of you all however this battle is not against man and it cannot be fought with swords. This is a love war. I have choosen to give my son so mankind would know just how much I love them. He would be put to death." A collective gasp went round the inhabitants of heaven. "I know it is a lot to ask you to sit and watch your King being beaten, speared and killed but remember he is me and I would sit by and watch it is not going to be a walk in the park but I would do it. If I can, then you should too."  
Meanwhile on earth while the circle waited for a response from Michael that was yet to come, they decided to find ways to help Christ so in the night they visited Pilate’s wife. They said and did nothing but stood and stared at her yet she was very afraid. As afraid as anybody who finds himself surrounded by over 10 feet tall men with blazing swords by their sides would be. Early the next morning, she sent a message to her husband telling him to have nothing to do with Christ unjust death because of what happened during the sleeping hours.
 Back in heaven, as the inhabitant watched Peter deny Christ, the angels could not control their astonishment and confusion “My God I don’t understand if your son dies Lucifer would win!” said angel Eerbied. “Righteous Lord it is not our place to question you, you have given that privilege to man only but just out of curiosity how you can love these ungrateful mortals to the point where you give up your only son! It is amazing!”  Declared angel Nura. Just as Nura spoke they notice God’s face is clenched in pain again this prompts them to turn and look at the earth and they witness the mock coronation the soldiers were performing for Christ. Michael who had been sitting quietly all through got up. “And where do you think you are going Michael?” Michael looks at God with reverence “I come to ask that I may go and stand with Christ. I just want to be close to him one more time. Please God.” God smiled. A smile that said ‘I know more than you do’ and at the same time it said ‘I know how you feel’  “You may go. All of you who want to go may go. But do not interfere I repeat............” He fell silent the 24 elders understand why it was the same instance that the cross was placed on Christ shoulders. Some angels sat quietly with God too sad to look at what was being done to Christ but they might as well have looked for every time Christ felt pain they could see it on God’s face they heard him scream even as a spear entered the sides of Christ. They heard the scream again and again every time the nails entered the body of Christ.
Multitudes of angels left heaven that day and came to stand by Christ on earth. They were a sight to behold. Thousands of 10 feet+ beings stood by helpless and watched while their King was nailed to the cross. If only the soldiers who were mocking Christ and the ones who nailed him could see them they would die of fear. The angels stood their heads bowed as they helplessly watched. Demons also in their multitudes stood before the angels jeering at them and mocking them. Apollyon stood toe to toe with Michael tipped his head up and said “you should have come over to Lucifer’s side and you would have been a winner today.” Then he laughed deep and loud you could tell he was happy. Probably for the first time in ages.
At the same time, Lucifer stood and screamed at God “I told you I would win didn’t I? You love ungrateful creatures. You know what your problem is? You think too much of yourself you think you are the high and mighty one you won’t share right? Well they are all mine all mine I say. And even better I have your son. I have a plan that would make you abandon him completely. You are predictably holy, and cannot behold that which is sin. I would make him sin” And just like in any well choreographed dance, as soon as Lucifer said that the demons stood and began to heap on Christ the different sins the devil had collected from everyman –born and yet unborn- they heaped on and on and on for a long time and as they did God looked away from Christ. Now we hear Christ voice in protest screaming “Dadddyyyyyy! Fatherrrrrrrr!  Don’t look away. Please don’t leave me like this” God could not look at his son again no matter how much he wanted to he couldn’t. At this the devil began to dance and laugh “he is mine now I would take him to hell and torture him knowing you would feel every single pain I inflict. O I would enjoy this.”
This is the day we celebrate as Good Friday. It is not just a public holiday it is a day to reflect remember and rejoice for this was the day man received the opportunity to call God father.
I am happy to have this day. 
 by Dupe Holloway

Monday, March 25, 2013

This May 2013, the biggest Spoken Word Poetry Event in Naija comes back to Town.

i2X Media 

organizes of the Biggest Spoken Word Poetry Event in Naija


WORD UP Volume 4

Featuring the best of Naija A-list Poets

Special Performance by an Internationally renowned Spoken Word Poet

Music by Soul Singers

Emcees of the day are: Duvy and Don Fabrino

Date is May 18, 2013

Stay tuned for more details on 

For sponsorship and advert inquiries, 

please call 08025070892 or send us a mail at

Watch the full preview here 

Friday, March 22, 2013

My heart is racing, body shaking, moving to the beat of love, love, love making....!!!

DOLAPO also known as The Voice of Spoken-Word in Africa is a phenomenon!

A connoisseur of simple words skillfully woven to form lines that pull all senses wherever she chooses to take them. Delivered with a sultry, sonorous voice, 'DOLAPO transfixes all audiences.

Her stage performances are a blend of neo-soul musicality with a percussion based aesthetic, skilfully led by her powerful vocal delivery in both song and word. With this she infuses her original body movements giving the spectator a full round, total theatrical experience.
Born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria as Oluwadolapo E. Ogunwale, the one simply known as 'DOLAPO - The Voice of Spoken-Word in Africa - is one to watch. She is currently working on her first single.

Watch the video below of her wonderful performance on stage at WORD UP Volume 3 aka Da Love Thang

Thursday, March 21, 2013

The mystery of the Cane..........!!!!

I have a fine bamboo cane
Mounted on my window pane
Even as a five months old babe
Kaka my daughter knows its name

Correction is essential for upbringing
Just like the young sprouting yam tendrils
Entwined on a stake in the farm of my granny
To ensure they survive and do not stray

Teach a child the way in which to go
And when he grows from it would not go
This the holy book to us made known
From Him to whom all mysteries know

The Igbo saying is always repeated
Correct the child with the right hand
Console the child with the left hand
A saying that I always hold dear to heart

by Miss Lotanna Nnoli

I Wonder.....!!!

I look out the window

Seeing the fallen coconut fruit
The leaves from the orange tree
The petals from the hibiscus plant
And I thought to myself
What does this day hold for me
I wonder

I stepped out the front door
Faced with the barking of my Dog-Bliss
Sighted the neighbors goat
Heard the crowing of the landlady’s chickens
And I thought to myself
What does this day hold for me
I wonder

Walking into the street
Hearing the blaring of the school bus
Seeing the impatient Dad blaring his horns at the front gate
The already tired mum dragging her twin boys into the car
And I thought to my self
What does this day hold for me
I wonder

Sitting in front of my PC
Writing this prose/poem
Thinking to my self
What exactly does today hold for me
I wonder



Not for their sin; not for my sin
then for whose sin?
Maybe not for sin.

Cries, tears and wails
Amidst the agony, anguish and pain
Cut through the air of smoke and settling dust

Orphaned children,
Sudden childless parents
Broken limbs…shattered dreams

They go by the name boko Haram
Their goal remain to create more harm
But why ?
Their reason remain confusing.

They have unleashed their terrors
My people now live in horror
Life suddenly has lost taste
Justice seems to have lost the case.

Shall we go on like this?
Shall thing continue to be like this?
No, stand with me my brothers and sisters
For we need to work together

Write if you will,
talk if you can
But just do something
And lets together,
put an end, to these orgies of violence.
We can no longer engage in the violence of silence.

by Lion Kisser

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

How to use Spoken Word Poetry to increase Brand Visibility and Acceptability..!!!

Nigeria is blessed with abundant resources, both human and material but we do not recognize or utilize them.

At i2X Media Company Limited, we have discovered the power inherent in poetic youths. We give them a platform to express their views and opinion in a creative and entertaining way.
Like someone once said;
writers write,
singers sing,
teachers teach,
painters paint,
drivers drive,
runners run,
but what do Spoken Word Poets do? They “Spoke.” :) 

Well, more like, they talk poetically and powerfully. They are capable of exerting influence a Governor or President might struggle with.

But why Spoken Word Poetry? Well, why not. Check out links of some of our poets' performances at different events we have organized, and you will get your answer.     - Increase     - Donna K     - HolyBlaze     - Atilola     - Soonest     - Nini Efem
Spoken Word Poetry is an evolution, it’s an emerging art, and its gaining momentum in Nigeria and West Africa.

As a major promoter of Performance Poetry and Spoken Word activities in Nigeria, we are passionate about the Art as a genre of entertainment, a tool to increase literacy level, and a means of communication among people across the globe.

We are the organizers of WORD UP -the biggest Spoken Word Poetry Event in Nigeria.

In August 2012, November 2012 and February 2013, three editions of Word Up were held providing the much needed visibility for Brands we partnered with.

The next one is scheduled for May 18 2013 and 2 others thereafter.

For the rest of the year, we will be partnering with international poets from across the world, offering workshops to empower poets and aspiring poets on how to write and perform good poems as well as turn it into profit.

This year 2013, we will also be starting a performance poetry competition that allows poets from all over Nigeria compete against each other.

What makes this exciting is that the Brand that partners with our team will receive leverage as the entries will be centered around the brand’s values and other such matters they might want promoted online.

The competition will be both online and on stage involving video presentations, article writing and Performance Poetry. It promises exciting content and results for brands that partner with us.

There will be cash prizes for the top 3 poets and partners can offer additional gifts of value to the winning poets.

Spoken Word Poetry can be used to increase Brand visibility and acceptability in any or all of the following ways:

Branding Opportunity across all touch points.

Advert placements in our DVDS sold across the country, and around the world.

Brand exposure on social media sites and affiliated websites e.g. Google plus, Youtube, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Pin Interest,, BellaNaija etc

Media exposure.

Product/ Services Experience and Sampling

Speaking Opportunity

Database Acquisition and so much more
For more detailed information and partnership on the captioned topic, you get in contact with the undersigned.


Olumide Holloway


Monday, March 18, 2013

The kinetic energy of your swinging hips............!!!!

Do you still remember your teacher?
Did you ever have a crush on your teacher?
Did you ever write a letter to your teacher about your crush?
Did it just end as a crush or it went more than that?
Did you enjoy it?
Did you tell anyone about it?
Did you believe it would last forever?
Could you have married your teacher?
Well, let's hear Soonest I Nathaniel tell us about his letter to his Aunty :).

Soonest I Nathaniel (SIN) doing a Spoken Word Poetry piece  titled, "Letter to my Aunty,"  at WORD UP Volume 3 aka Da Love Thang which held on February 16, 2013 in Lagos, Nigeria. 
WORD UP is the biggest Spoken Word Poetry event  in Nigeria. It features A-list Spoken Word Poets on the same stage.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Experiential Marketing with WORD UP (the Biggest Spoken Word Poetry Event in Nigeria).

Truth be told, nothing sells a brand faster than Experiential Marketing.

Picture this: it's 3:00 pm on a Saturday evening. 

A hall full of people applauds as their eyes stay glued to the stage. There is anticipation in the air. The excitement is palpable. Adding the needed colour and glamour all across the hall is the Brand behind the excitement. The people lose their voices as “he” steps on the stage. They influence, persuade, tweet, retweet and share their experience over social media, while others try to make their way to the venue even as your brand meets them at every point. They can’t wait to hear the sound of “The internationally renowned spoken word artiste,” on the shores on Nigeria for the first time. They can’t wait for YOUR BRAND, to make this happen.

Here’s introducing i2X Media Company Limited, the organizers of WORD UP -the biggest Spoken Word Poetry Event in Nigeria.

Since 2010, we have grown Performance Poetry and Spoken Word, working tirelessly to promote the art in West Africa and position it as a genre of entertainment, a tool to increase literacy level, and a means of communication among people across the globe.

This quarter we have plans to bring in an international poet from the United States of America to influence our poets here and further grow the industry. Your love for art and the entertainment industry has led our proposal right to you.


The question is why not? Every quarter, poets gather from across the globe at our quarterly organized show – WORD UP.

WORD UP (SPOKEN WORD POETRY AND SOUL MUSIC EVENT): is a show that features the best Spoken Word Poets in Nigeria all on one stage. It is a major platform for poets across the globe. Previous editions saw poets from the Namibia, England and America grace the stage. We also feature celebrities who come on stage to read, recite and/or perform poems.

We have  held three editions of WORD UP in UNILAG, Akoka, Lagos supported by Charvet Nig. Ltd (major marketer of Power Horse energy drink and Kiss Mix), First Bank of Nigeria Plc,  Airtel and Smooth FM. 


We request that you partner with us through sponsorship to showcase your products and services and portray your brand as one with a passion for development of the art and the average individual.


We understand that businesses exist for profit and the current economic situation requires granular analysis of your marketing spend. This is why working with our partners, we have designed special sponsorship plans to drive your marketing efforts.
Sponsorship of WORD UP provides you the under listed which can be further explained at our initial meeting.

·         Brand exposure on our various platforms

·         Branding Opportunity across all touch points

·         Advert placements in our DVDS sold across the country

·         Media exposure

·         Product/ Services Experience and Sampling

·         Speaking Opportunity

·         Database Acquisition and so much more.


Don’t take our words for it, please visit, where pictures, videos and information about our events and the organization can be accessed. While you are at it please feel free to check out our YOUTUBE channel,, for video clips of some of our events.


Platinum, Diamond, Gold, and Silver.

We are open to further discussions should you decide to pick any of these options.


The next edition of our event, WORD UP Volume 4 (Spoken Word Poetry and Soul Music Event) is on May 18, 2013 and will hold quarterly thereafter.

Performance Poetry and Spoken Word Event is the next tidal wave that will sweep through Africa. The good part is it captures all genres of people, and creates job opportunities for our youths.
Do not miss the opportunity to ride on the waves.

We can’t wait to read from you so we can work together and achieve our objectives.

Kind regards.

Olumide Holloway

Serendipity: Believe in the Future - Place a Bet on What You Believe in.

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Love is.............!!!!!

Princeps - The Renaissance Man.

A London Based Published Writer, Philosopher, Poet, Musician, Artist, Sculptor, Martial Artist (Kung Fu Style -Tiger) & Political / Social commentator. 

He says, call Me Legion-aire for I Am Many!

U.K.A. Or Uniquely Known As The Microphone Chameleon, This M.C. Multi- Talented Phenomenon is a Pioneer in the Art of what He Terms "Total Poetry" and will publish his 1st Tome enigmatically titled, "Inside Looking Out" this 2013.

To be followed by a humorous collection of Philosophical Quotes all created by him titled, Mental Macaroni - (i.e. Food For Thought).

He was on stage for WORD UP Volume 3 aka Da Love Thang and he gave a very detailed and interesting definition of what Love is. 

WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW and see this handsome hunk tell you what Love is all about. :) 

Princeps doing a Spoken Word Poetry piece titled, "Love is,"  at WORD UP Volume 3 aka Da Love Thang which held on February 16, 2013 in Lagos, Nigeria. WORD UP is the biggest Spoken Word Poetry event  in Nigeria. It features A-list Spoken Word Poets on the same stage.