Tuesday, June 11, 2013

#WarOfWords- Just Let Me Be by Neofloetry

We got another lady in the house.
And she is flowing all the way from Port Harcourt. 
She said we should let her be, 
Be where? 
On stage?
On Word Up?
Well, we wish we can let you be, 
but a Spoken Word Poet has no hiding place.
We find you and let your art shine through.

#WarOfWords- Just Let Me Be by Neofloetry   

I seek to trust your every word,
words said, sounding like clashing cymbals
to my ears
When will i wake up from this trance called sleep
without seeing your shadows lurking behind
you will not let me be when i sought to be in peace

Your messages make me stay in pieces,
i, hoping to gather my parts someday
you install camera-like eyes, watching my every move......
when i eat, drink or even doing the hump?

Damn! you promised me FREEDOM, but it all seem so dumb
when just can't let me be
Complete nonsense, common sense met it's doom
when it came to dwell in the very center of your being.

Just let me be, let me be because your magnanimous governmental
abuse of power keeps raging in my mind, it makes me want to drive
my fist into your EMPTY WORDS!
May i beg to be FREE, of which i know your permission
is not really needed

You filled my head with the devils music,
playing the wierdest metallic hardcore from the deep
embers of MADNESS, Sadness, the theme of every hidden agenda, this
makes me want to ponder...

You scream JUSTICE, we shout justice!
Tell me, who is the next to DES-TROY us?
Your criminal mind is hazy but doesn't phase me

Go on and put your mind to rest
if you can't control the leaking BLACK TARPAULINS
that you set up for PROTECTION

JUST LET ME BE, let me be, because
Your gray strands seem to tell the whole story
but you pressed on, wanting
to remove the the logs in our eyes
Whose eyes? mine? yours? theirs? tell me

How far can you go on scrutinizing, causing unacceptable
destruction...a black heart in a black house?
with billions of voices moving in accord as of the waves
of the deepest seas

Can you stop these voices from playing in your head
as the next GBONO song? i think not, because
I am black, you are black, they are black
the world is dark but your hue, i mean, your chrome
is mono, get some colors

You tell us your VISION is TWENTY-TWENTY
How clear is that pathway you created for these eagles
preparing to fly?

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