Thursday, June 6, 2013

#WarOfWords - Memories are strength by Momodu Ehiz

Lines this deep from a young mind, 
no wonder gold are from the deepest mines.
If I ever thought we were wasting time with poetry
and we might soon become history,
listening to this young man pour out his heart
shows poetry is all we should support on this earth.
Ok, this is not a poem
I'm just trying to say I "gbadun" this poet.
Content wise,
I will vote for him thrice :) .

Memories are strength

I may be too young 
Sitting still in this pool 
Of cold blood, tears
And flitting memories 
Of mama's first word 
But I know her death 
Wasn't because she hated me...or
Wanted to un-heavy her bones

If this words are lies
Why then did I cry? As I watched her die
Her tongue became cold 
Her eyes grew so wild
But couldn't see me wishing her alive 
Her hands;
Stretched forward for a last warmth 
As she laid lifeless
In a comfy coffin more expensive 
Than her well loved wedding gown
Still, she could not say a goodbye 
Or bid a last kiss,
She could not pet me by the shoulders 
And say "son ... I love you "

Have you once with your hands 
Worked the shovels to open the grounds 
To burry the remains 
Of the one you love so deep? 
Side-by-side your cold eyes 
Unable to drop the heavy tears 
Taunting the good memories 
Out of your skull 
Has life pushed you to tears, so unfair?
And your have not even a voice
To howl your grieve
Or ears to listen to your heart beats

It's like the whispers of Daffodils 
On your window sill 
After a heavy storm
It's like the first well spiced meal 
Of a newly wedded queen 
For her long awaited groom 
It's like the boost of an urchin 
Saying "I can move on" 

Have you pondered your mind? 
Why gold is from the deepest mires? 
Crude oil from the darkest pits 
Lovely poems from terrible scenes 
Love songs from broken hearts 
Luxuries from breaking rocks 
Peace from war 
Grieve from joy 
Solution from confusions 
Predictions from illusions
Mystifications from explanations 

Have you?

If yes, then you know why 
On this forlorn earth of hatred and all 
My lines would go so deep your soul 
Like the tears of a lonely orphan 
Picking waterside pebbles 
To pluck down the heavens 
From its wide reign

Then you would know why 
Even the darkest of cloud 
Or the deadliest venoms of western hurricane
Can't stop that you 
When you really want to breakout from those clouds 
And know you can go in
For a winning again 
Cos the word smiles 
But only when you smile

Momodu Ehiz

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