Wednesday, June 5, 2013

#WarOfWords - Peace be Steel by Emeka Otoba

I know this guy to be quiet and shy, but the concept of this video means he has got some creative juice in him that is yet to be fully tapped, (well no special effects, its just simple and different from all the others)
Thus, I present the latest video submission for the War Of Word (Slam Poetry Competition), Peace be steel. 
Hmm, peace be steel, peace be steal, peace be still,....this is just me playing with words.
So as per my opinion, well, me likey likey :) 

#WarOfWords - Peace be Steel 

Let's burn this place to the ground

The city of kings, thriving and living in sin, let's
Take this wheel, and make mincemeat of this free will 
And hope this plea for peace takes in 
And births a war and strife within
Our hearts and since we plead for things that eventually will
Kill the peace within
I see we'll be
Dead men before our dreams begin

Let's fight this war to the last
Before the descent of a city made in the clouds
We've heard the voices of a newborn cry
But liked the sound of our patriots die, let's
Let heroes lead and cowards flee, let guns and steel 
Bring victory and children sleep in harmony, let's 
Be all that we, can ever be

For the darkness flees and dawn begins
And nothing soothes like the morning breeze
In a land of peace, from the war of kings
So to him who leads, I leave this will
Take this steel and bring us peace!

Emeka Otoba

Watch the Video here



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