Friday, November 30, 2012

If Jesus was a Christian (a poem juxtaposing the life of Jesus and the modern day Christian).

Bodyguards would have barricaded,

And the blood would still be an issue.
Offerings bowls would be passed around,
To feed the multitude.
To Jerusalem, a convoy of cars,
He would need- A grand entrance
For Pilate, an army of lawyers,
To mount defence.
The woman in Samaria would continually thirst,
Because he has ethnic preference.
The merchants in church would bring returns.

and He would build universities his members can't afford.
In his 'holiness', he won't wash dirty feet,
For his reverence, he won't sleep in the streets.
Miracles would be public spectacles,
Lazarus would have paid a handful.
The blind man would lean on his staff,
Waiting for the angel to stir the water.
He would have sold his soul to the devil,
for the riches of the world.
He would send the 'holy ghost' fire,
To consume Judas,
The cup of life would have passed over,
And he would be another Jonah.
He would have used the courts,
To block the pains of the cross.
Asking not forgiveness,
for the mob that cursed.
he would never have died like a thief,
To bring humanity everlasting relief
Because Jesus was not Christian.

Before you start throwing tantrums, this is a poem juxtaposing the life of Jesus and the modern day Christian.

by Afroxyz


  1. Melancholic Ąπϑ thoughts inspiring!

  2. Food for thought, this is so true.

    1. Can't agree less. Seriously need pondering about. Wish this can go out to every 'man of God' maybe then they can learn one or two more things about Jesus whom the claim they follow or at least be reminded that Jesus lived as a very humble man who did everything on the 'low key'. Very well thought out poem

  3. Revealing the vices of the society hiding behind the facade of "Christianity", the fastest route to success and of course, supposed salvation...I believe there's a lot more to say in this should end there Afroxyz, all the same, thumbs up!

  4. Indeed a great reminder of how American society has changed the face of what it truly means to be a Christian. I do hope that one day soon these kind of Christian stereotypes will no longer be needed, but until the majority truly unite with Christ I guess they'll just have to remain.