Thursday, June 27, 2013

Clementina: young but ready to win #WarOfWords

Owumi Clementina is a young creative writer and a performance poet from Delta State, Ughelli-South.

 She has written so many life changing dramas, poems with inspiring themes and catchy articles.

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The Future I Believe by Clementina Owumi 

Nothing is hidden except it be a treasure
Nothing found lest it be a secret
Yester's africa tells of history
Cries of offspring flowing like luxury men
Who pierce hot iron on others skull finds it pleasurable
Gbosal rules the affairs of men unmeasurable
leaving us royal peasants to trends at dawn and dusk on dead bodies.
Once upon a time when hope clouds
Our minds we swim in the pool of blood and walk on the street of dead bodies
 out of the sofa is a fog of death
The men on khaki  and leather pride their flaws with no remorse
The stars in darkened skies, staring into the air like fools
Dirges like mtn we hear
Tribulations we cannot bear
Then we are force to say:::::::::::::::
Ku ba ye tu       sam   ba ye tu      2x
As the day ticks
The cry for justice fills our lips
Our tears unnoticed
As we strive for peace when will the sun ever shine?
The call of offspring's we pick
Defeat delicacy we are allowed to lick our royal garment we have torn
Rope  of defeat we have worn
Cloud of darkness in our sunny sky so we ask again
when will the sun ever shine?
we shall overcome (2x)
we shall  overcome someday -------
oh oh deep in my hear---rt
I do believe -------
we shall overcome someday.
In it to win!
yesterday is gone , forget it!
tomorrow does not exist! lets carry on
take no thought of the marrow
consider the birds in the fields and the birds in the air
they have no time for planting and harvesting
but the man above all
caters for them all
Gone are those days my dear
we can face it without fear
the future is here
no too hard to bear
 the future is you and I
even though we have fall in the pit of hell
cos there was no cell to ring the bell
it's time to tell that all is well

even in that well, we shall excel!

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