Thursday, June 27, 2013

Uzbek: #WarOfWords? Nah, its my victory speech.

He is not from Uzbekistan; a lot of people don't even know him by his real name.

Uzbek (Ibrahim Olawale Edu) is a lyricist, rapper, writer and wordsmith to name a few.
grew up listening to conscious rap and building on the messages he harnessed from the profound lyrics.

He is known for his wordplay and lyrical ability. A focused young man who believes in the power of words.

Now is the right time for him to showcase his talent to the world. He feels a good start is the #WarOfWords slam poetry competition.. 

He keeps saying HE IS IN TO WIN IT!

Watch the video after the break

#WarOfWords- The Isolated Mind


I've been dwelling on the wagon

often intoxicated by red rum spelt backwards (red rum spelt backwards=murder)

See, he was a son of the gun,

so it shouldn't be surprising if you heard he was always on the run

trying to beat the lightening & bolt cos they say life is a race
all for the desire to reach for his amazing grace.

Sometimes, a brother's ego could be his downfall

this continues to question, what do i write for? 

is it for the truth, the cause or the pride? for within the pride lies the prejudice

Like am the jury, am i to prejudge this????
When the truth is handled like a knife; i guess it's not hard to stab with it
i even play poker-faced to pretend it's not happening to me

Because my whole life is like a complex sentence, it gives you labial factor

so it's hard to pronounce my innocence; for it clutches down my vocal cord.

now am here spitting fire,

trying to move while laying on the floor, you can say i drag-on.
Like Daniel, trapped in the Lion's den.
Calling for rescue mission; this is not my residence.
and if That stitch in time doesn't save nine, i wonder what happens when it gets to ten.
***imbibing scriptures and epistles of saints in similar situations***
***many got saved by the gospel, that's the manifestation***
i tried to get on the train but it suddenly got derailed
if Jacob could wrestle with an angel to stake his claim;
then i must be so lame not to have done the same.

Life wrote me a song, with the tune embedded in my head

the fainted rhythm I project the fainted rhythm on every edge.

As I lurk deeper, it gets boring.

Wait a minute.... 
must i take my food to the roof top because i'm fed up? 
wow! that's a question for ages!
on another train of thoughts, i keep crying like a baby.

many a times, i fell victim to my own stubborn erection

guess i will just allow this gift of words pave me a lucid direction.

such is life, the race , you sprint 

losing no connection with the track till my heels get weary
should that be scary?
 Because i'm in it to win it. 

Watch the video via this link

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