Sunday, June 16, 2013

#WarOfWords - Passion by Alexandra Zion

Another babe in the house,
Seems the ladies are ready to give the guys a run for their money.
Passion, hmm, where do I start from?
Passion is like sweet rum.
Passion is like the sweet melody of a drum.
Passion breeds inspiration.
Passion breaks through limitation.
Passion creates history.
Passion is poetry.

War Of Words- Passion by Alexandra Zion

I was born innocent, 
And I sat peacefully as one, 
When SUDDENLY,like a rushing WIND, 
You came to me from afar off. 
You saw to it that I fell in love with you! 
You strengthened my muscles, 
And put on my armour, 
Encouraging me to wrestle with mine enemies. 

Oh Literature! 
You are my passion. 
Years have gone by, 
Years are still counting, 
Yet I grow deeper in thy bosom! 
Oh my paradise of happiness, 
Breakage to my walls of gloom, 
Source of joyful rivulets from my human lake. 

Ubuntu became history, 
When I expressed my passion for poetry. 
I was likened to a lunatic, 
By same friends who eased my panic. 

One night, 
As the moon danced in the sky, 
I reviewed my love, 
And questioned my life's decisions, 
But it became more wood to the fire in me. 
It made me stronger, 
Because you came like thunder, 
Provoking my sweet laughter. 
I brace up to see beyond the lines, 
And rise above their guns of whines, 
To make those waiting headlines. 

The Creator believes in my authenticity, 
Of what use is my abode in mediocrity? 
A competition in itself, 
But here is a prevailing warrior. 
Like the sun I'm shining, 
For the top I'm reaching, 
Alive comes my moxie, 
For I'm in this war to win!!!

#Ubuntu(a word used in the poem) is South African for "humanity to others"

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