Thursday, June 27, 2013

Dare Dan: I am more than words can say #WarOfWords

I am Dare Dan, a B.Agric. degree holder from the university of Ilorin. 

I’m a farmer, a writer, a blogger and a lover of words. 

Knowing that I can educate and at the same entertain by just speaking words is my greatest discovery in life. 

I love philosophy of ethics.

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When people speak by Dare Dan

Have you noticed?
When people speak

it is like democracy
like the 300 Spartan soldiers against the Persians
like Nigeria government stepping down on oil subsidy
it is like Abraham Lincoln's bill on black Americans
like Mandella's fight during the apartheid 

when people speak, it is like peace

it is like sky scrapping
like Martin Luther King on 'I have a dream'
it is like a pave to the gates of righteousness
like Chinue Achebe on 'There Was A Country'
like Communism, Marxism, like a Gospel

when people speak, it is like a win

like healing, like freedom from shackles
it is like a beauty 
like the comeback of odysseus in odyssey
it is like the parting of the red sea
and the rising of the sun at dawn

when people speak, 
it is like a child getting what he wants

like a story...No not just a story but like a history ending in comedy
like a facelift to the downtrodden
like Anikulapo Kuti in Kalakuta shrine
is like having death in your pouch
like a rapture, like an end to a torture

when people speak, 
it is like smoothness on a 4 wheel
like painless piercing on a skin
it is like a course on the route of love
like water filling spaces
and movement in one direction

it is like God on the podium
like Churchill on 'finest hour' over the Nazis
like a war of words on the stage of 'word up'
like a baby saying 'mama' for the first time
like a dumb gaining a voice

when people speak, 
it is like Mohammed Ali in the ring
like Tiger woods' addressing a ball on a tee
Micheal Jordan on a dunk
and the Williams sisters on tennis
it is being in this world to win.

Watch the video here

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