Wednesday, June 26, 2013

St. Rhymes: Rhyming is the game plan for #WarOfWords

St. Rhymes formerly known as Rhymovator, is an anointed and highly creative Spoken Word Poet, Inspirational Speaker, Author and a Master story teller.

He has been opportune to meet popular arts like Rev. Victor Atenega, Nataniel Bassey, E-Ben, Gbolahan, Vector, etc.

After professionally staging his art in 2006, his energetic and dramatic style of poetry helps him deliver his punch lines into the heart of his audience.

His message centers on the discovery of Purpose and Living a fulfilled life.

St. Rhymes is also an amazing Master of Ceremonies (MC). 

Watch his video entry after the break

#WarOfWords - War of Words by ST. RHYMES

If life is a War of Words
Then I am in it to Win
Cos' I am Wired to Win.
I Win not because of what I perform
But because of who I am.
I am the Poetic Preacher
Reaching out to the depth of your soul
Dishing out, dishing out wisdom to your soul.
Who am i?
I am the Blood washed Saint
And with words I Paint the Picture of the Future,
Giving hope to the hopeless
And life to the lifeless
If life was a War of Words
Then am in it to Win
Cos' I am wired to Win
I win because of who I Rep,
I rep the spoken word, outspoken from the mouth of the Lord of Lords
I Rep Christ and that's why I Win
If life was a War of Words
Then am in it to Win
because I am wired to Win...

Watch the video via this link

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