Saturday, January 19, 2013

My neighbours are no more black......!!!!

My neighbours are no more black.
They used to be black back when I was 12.
Some ten years or more later.
They are now white.
No, they did not bleach.
It is just that they are now foreigners.
On the left of our house are the ones whose english I don't understand, so I believe they must be from somewhere in Europe.
To the right, I know not where they are from, but they always smell of spices.
Opposite us are the Americans, I know that because they curse a lot.
At the beginning of our street are those whom everyone in their continent look the same.
I asked my black neighbours, where are you? 
They say they are in another country.
I ask, why?
They said they are searching for greener pastures.
If my black neighbours left to search for greener pastures, pray tell, what do my white neighbours want here? :)

by Dupe Holloway