Friday, June 14, 2013

#WarOfWords - In it to win by AimHigh

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The highlighted portions are from the lyrics of Eben Featuring M.I - Done it all.
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#WarOfWords - In it to win by Micheal Stanley aka Aimhigh

Have you ever been in a point in your life, where you feel like quiting?
If you have, I guess for you this poem is written.
Sometimes I get confused of the troubles God is permitting
If wishes were horses,I guesss I would have ridden.

Cos am rising daily
My hustling is getting deeper.
The plans to get to my goals are getting bolder
Have been rejected, restricted and thrown aside
I reflect my prospectives is to go inside
When I was young i pray to God to teach me how to write
And when am writing, 

I hear angels speaking
I remember my first performance,

how hard I prepared
I remember even chairs did not cheer.

My second performance 

I thought it was a blast
The B was taken off and I took last
My friends said Aimhigh you are gonna fail
My Mama said cool boy, God is going to put them to shame
Even when I had no more lines, I could still write
He took me off my past and off the street
He knew my dream was poetry
He knew i want to make history.
He gave olulu the idea to take me there
And now am on wordup people
Am in it to win.

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#WarOfWords-In it to win by Micheal Stanley aka Aimhigh