Friday, September 28, 2012

You are invited...........!!!!!!

Come watch the best of the best Spoken Word Poets in Nigeria live on stage. Poets such as Sage Hasson, Efe Paul Azino, Plumbline, Chiedu Ifeozo, Bob Ekat, Olulu (the King not from Zulu), Atilola, Donna K, Enigmatic Olumide, Chris Eleri, Ivori, Ndukwe Onuoha, Nini Efem, Soonest I Nathaniel, Increase, Rez tha poet, Tofarati, Holyblaze, Uche Nwadinachi and many others.

The Event will also feature Soul Singers like D Tone, Lumynos, and Ajibola Adeoya.

We also have celebrities who will come perform their poems on stage.

The maiden edition of WORD UP was held on August 18, 2012. It took place at the UNILAG Guest House Lecture Theatre, Akoka, Lagos, and it was a delightful success. 
If you wish to partner with us through sponsorship to showcase your products and services, we have the ability to deliver the following benefits:

·  Branding Opportunity
·  Media Exposure
·  Product/ Services Experience
·  Speaking Opportunity
·  Database Acquisition

Performance Poetry and Spoken Word Events is the next tidal wave that will sweep through our country, especially among the youth; do not miss the opportunity to ride on the waves.

Visit for more information.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

WORD UP (Spoken Word Poetry and Soul Music Event) Volume 2 comes up November 17, 2012

(Spoken Word Poetry and Soul Music Event). 

The idea behind the event is to use Poetry as an Art for entertainment, tool to increase literacy level, and as a means of communication, education and information.

Our goal is to create a Performance Poetry and Spoken Word industry where people can earn a decent living as Performance Poets. A  Spoken Word Poetry industry will help reduce unemployment in the Country as awareness and sponsorship of the Art form increases.

This Art form would also improve the literacy level in Universities and Secondary Schools, and among the populace, as a good Poet needs to be able to read and write, and must also be intellectually sound to be able to pass the message inherent his/her poetry performances to the audience.

The maiden edition of WORD UP (Spoken Word Poetry and Soul Music Event) was held on August 18, 2012. It took place at the UNILAG Guest House Lecture Theatre, Akoka, Lagos, and it was a delightful success. 

The next edition of our event, Word Up (a Spoken Word Poetry and Soul Music Event) is scheduled to take place on November 17, 2012 at the UNILAG Guest House Lecture Theatre, Akoka, Lagos. 
If you wish to partner with us through sponsorship to showcase your products and services as we have the ability to deliver the following benefits:

·  Branding Opportunity
·  Media Exposure
·  Product/ Services Experience
·  Speaking Opportunity
·  Database Acquisition

Performance Poetry and Spoken Word Events is the next tidal wave that will sweep through our country, especially among the youth; do not miss the opportunity to ride on the waves.

Chill and Relax: October Fever (a Performance Poetry and Spoken Word open mic Event)

Chill and Relax : October Fever

This is a Performance Poetry and Spoken Word open mic Event where everyone and anyone can step up and rock the mic.

Date is October 14, 2012 (2nd Sunday of the month)

Time is 3pm

Venue is 16,  Abeni close,  ASA Estate, off Ayodele Okeowo street, after Deeper Life church, Soluyi Gbagada, Lagos

Featuring Naija's Finest Poets

Entry is free

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

One of Naija's best Spoken Word Poet...............!!!!

Passion? He has got it.
Words? He has it in abundance.
Wisdom? He is blessed with it.
Craftsmanship? This is second nature to him.

He was the second Spoken Word Poet I saw live on stage in 2010 before I decided to become a Spoken Word Poet. 

He is the promoter of UNCHAINED VOICES, the TV recording of Spoken Word Poets live on stage.

He is a seeker of knowledge.

His performances take Spoken Word to a whole new level.

He is a skilled Spoken Word Poet, 


his name is Efe Paul Azino,

Efe Paul Azino 
doing Spoken Word Poetry 
Chill and Relax 
(September to Remember) 
September 9, 2012 in Gbagada, Lagos. 
Chill and Relax is a monthly Performance Poetry and Spoken Word Event.

Don't hate me cos I am poet (a Spoken Word Poem)

Don't hate me cos I am poet,
cos its one of the oldest profession on earth, after all,
it is written, "in the beginning was the word,
and the word was wih God, and the word was God."
So I can use my words like a sword,
sometimes I can hit out with it like an iron rod,
or use it to soothe and caress your soul,
and make u feel whole.

Don't hate me cos I am a poet,
For you might believe I am merely wasting my time,
but have you not read that, "a man's gift will create room for him and bring him before great men."
Did you not hear that, "a man diligent in his works will stand before Kings and not before ordinary people."
Though I do not mean to call you ordinary people,
but its a priviledge for you to read and see me perform for free;
what kings, Queens and all forms of Royalty pay me a huge fee.

Don't hate me cos I am a poet,
For this is the best way for me to express myself,
after all, the shortest  verse in the bible, John 11:35 said "Jesus wept."
This shows there is no shame in crying for a loved one who died.
So be not alarmed if you see me on stage with tears in my eyes,
I am merely expressing myself,
and I feel no shame for my tears.

Don't hate me cos I am a poet
For I use this means to talk about my Nation,
whose face is being perpetually rubbed in the semen of bribery and corruption.
Cos our leaders  continue to loot the treasury,
rape our sense of morality,
defy our cries for sanity
and make being honest and accountable equal to insanity.

Don't hate me cos I am a poet
For I can thrill your hearts with words,
words that strike your heart cords.
I can use words to do intellectual love making,
with no heart breaking,
no tears falling,
and no orgasm faking.
Just words that satisfy your heart cravings,
yet keep your body always wanting.

So, don't hate me cos I am a poet, cos it is what God has destined me to be,
and if you hate me, you hate God.

by Olulu, the King not from Zulu

Sunday, September 23, 2012

What if ??? ok, why don't you love me??? (Spoken Word Poetry Video) by Torpedo Mascaw aka Number 1

His Name is Torpedo Mascaw.

He says he is the 

Number One,

We say he is the 

King of Free Style Poetry.


he is ever blazing.........!!!

Torpedo doing Spoken Word Poetry at
(Spoken Word Poetry and Soul Music Event) 
that held on 
August 18, 2012
in Unilag, Akoka, Lagos.

THE EAGLE’S EYE ( a Spoken Word Poem)


I see placards everywhere, in the first week of the year
I see them on the street
Walking in the sun on bare feet.
I see them in the market place
Whispering to the neighbor selling lace.
I see them on their mama’s back
Strapped with a wrapper around her chest
I see them with tie on their necks
Rushing to sit on their busy desks
Trying to give it their best
Yet their mind is never at rest.
I see them in their place of worship
Making their Priest and Imam their Lordship
I see them profuse and confused
Their attention hijacked and diffused.
I see them peeping through their little windows
Women afraid another bomb blast can make them widows.
I see tears in their eyes, falling like rain drops from the sky
I see Babylonian in Zion, striking hot the cold iron
Tearing down flesh like a hungry lion
Actualizing their evil plans of eon
I see fear on people’s faces
Scared to go to rowdy places
I see them walk home in pace
Cus the authority has since abandoned their case.
As the evil try to open up can of worms
The government thinks it’s just a storm in a tea cup
But the people are terrified by war songs
Singing yet biting their sour tongues.

I see their leaders as the highest bidder.
The so called senators are nothing but a bunch of predators
I see them in the lower chamber
Throwing words at each other with hot temper
Assembled in the ad hoc house,
Just to taste the cheese like Mickey Mouse
They are making policies for us to see
But their minds are corrupt, waiting to launder money over seas
Not the EFCC or ICPC can stop them
Cus they are agencies too blind to see them.
We are being given concoction for abortion
Investigation is their language in ugly situations
What else could it be but corruption
They are all crooks; even the few with integrity are disappointing
Don’t ask how, just ask Farouk.

I heard him say he has no shoes.
Shoes are not working tools, so tell him we are no fools.
I wish to put it all in my gazette,
But he has since refused to declare his assets
Acting funny, showing off his flat and ugly biceps
Eating cassava bread with no license.
He shed crocodile tears when humans are sacrificed
I don’t know what to say, but his tears are insignificant
The last time I heard, two birds dropped from the sky
The first ran into a moving van leaving some dead in Ghana
The second fell in our neighborhood, her name was Dana
Leaving cloud of dust and thick smoke in the air
Dead bodies are found lying everywhere.
In the north, everyday homes are destroyed
To the grave, great destinies are deployed.
All this I see through the eye of an Eagle
We need to redeem the days cus it’s full of evil.
I see Babylonian in Zion,
Tearing down flesh like a hungry lion
I see hustling & bustling in fear
In see a government that doesn’t care
They are serving us concoction for abortion
Corruption has eaten deep into our dear Nation
Give us light, good roads and water,
The youths need jobs, tired of eating bread and butter.
We need security, let the killing stop
Tell it loud; tell it to the man on top.

by YommyBishop………

This poem is written as a Reflection of the state of our Nation.
My heart goes out to families and friends of those that died in the struggle, in the bomb blasts, and the bomb blast victims and those that lost their lives in the Dana plane crash of 3rd June 2012. God will give them fortitude to bear the loss and May the Soul of the Dead Rest in Peace. These barbaric human sacrifice must stop, lets ask for mercy on our knees because God is all we need. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

I will be okay ...........!!!!

I heard that you've found a girl 
that you re married now 
that you've settled down 
and all your dream came true. 
Old friend, I liked you a whole alot 
but it turns out 
that you found life where I am not. 
All that is left of us 
are the memories made from our glory day. 
I had hoped you remember my face and be reminded of me 
or should i say its over? 
Now sorry is all you can say 
but never mind I will find someone not you. 
Though I wish nothing but d best for you 
but do forget me, I beg 
for it will only hurt me if you don't. 

I remember when there was no-one you wanted more 
you held me tight so you dont let go 
clinging unto me like your life-support 
and wishing we could have our own world. 
You were the one who loved me more 
over looking all my flaws 
and catching me before a fall. 
No matter the distance between us 
our love was instanteous 
and not bothered about how far it could take us.

But I should have known how bitter-sweet this would taste 
For now I sit back nd watch this moments pass by 
like watching a video without the sound.
Too bad for we could have taken what we had 
and turned it around. 
Though I feel that this love can be saved 
yet i cannot question this change 
Oh how hurting it feels to make things clear but i know when to face the truth and 
I know that the moment is here 
For after all said and done, I beg to take a bow. 

by Da Poetick Rhema 

Puff Puff Pass........(a Spoken Word Poetry Piece) by Ndukwe Onuoha

Puff Puff Pass, 

Puff Puff Pass,

the pain don't last as long as we got this grass.

Ndukwe Onuoha puffing and passing the poetic ish at 
Chill and Relax (September to Remember) 
Spoken Word and Performance Poetry open mic event
that held on September 9, 2012
in Gbagada, Lagos.

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Make love to me
crave me
need me
make me the star
of your secret reverie.

Make love to me
hold me
fold me
and cuddle me
curb me
rob me
and fondle me
have me
love me
make me feel
most comfortable.

Make love to me
come have fun with me
come off this reverie
I am real
I can feel
every molecule
of every follicle
in your pores
as they twitch
I am real
I can feel
your impulse
your vibes
the urge
the bulge 
and your eyes searching me in sensual scrutiny.

Make love me
till you come off on me
satisfy your lust
your thirst
till you're tipsy off me
squeeze me
whisk me
till you spur me
cease me
kiss me
till you rapture me
grip me
and don't leave me
till your reverie spurt
like a volcanic rush
right inside of us.

Just make love to me.

by Samuel Isong

What is Spoken Word?

Spoken word is an art form that has long been present in human society. Oral traditions in cultures predate the written word, and poems, or a type of spoken singing or stories, sometimes accompanied by music, held captive many an audience far before the first book was ever written. Even when books became available, troubadours and balladeers often spoke stories of adventure, romance, tragedy and comedy to wide audiences, since reading was not a common accomplishment.

Today, spoken word refers to two separate art forms. One is entirely based on recorded spoken word, such as the reading of novels or the recitation of poetry that supplies us with the modern “books on tape.” The art form in its second definition refers to those events when poets, and sometimes comedians or social commentators recite or invent on the spot poems, commentary, jokes, and the like as a performance piece intended for an audience. The latter type arises from the oral traditions long held in numerous cultures.

Songs did replace speaking stories or poems, but in the Beat Poetry movement, interest in performing poetry and other writings held sway over poetry fans. Typically beat poets, not necessarily the famous ones, would recite their poems with music playing in the background. Emphasis however was more on the words than the music, though the poet might time phrasing to coincide with certain parts of musical performance. Music could be live or recorded depending upon the poet.
This tradition led to a little mockery, and some contend participants and fans took it too seriously. Certainly as with all genres of poetry, there were some bad poems written and performed. There were also some very valuable ones, and poets that grew out of the Beat Generation, include Mayo Angelou, who critics cite as being one of the most skilled at reciting her work, since her rich voice and phrasing lend resonance and depth to her work.

Spoken word had few adherents by the mid 1970s, but interest in the form reemerged in the 1980s. Part of this was caused by the variant of spoken word performance in hip-hop and rap. Much of what rap artists did was perform poetry with a musical background, and with specific types of phrasing and resonance. Music fans and literary analysts alike evaluated and continue to evaluate the poetry of many rap artists, and call a number of these artists intensely important contributors to the world of poetry.

The beat type spoken word, often set to jazz instead, and sometimes including other performance aspects like slides or pictures, reemerged as a popular form along with rap. Another outgrowth of spoken word was slam poetry, where poets competed against each other, often extemporaneously. Slam poetry has its roots in Japanese contests of this type, such as the beginning and end of waka, a poetic form that existed in the 10th century.

In another sense though, spoken word doesn’t necessarily involve poetry, and has never gone out of style. It can be the recitation of stories, a solo comedic act, or the performance of a storyteller. There are no hard and fast rules for the art form, which is why you will find many different names associated with the form.