Monday, June 17, 2013

#WarofWords - Who is like thee by Amodu Segun

Nice piece,
very nice.
Got me thinking,
there can only be One Supreme Being.
Before and after Him, there is no one else.
And you know what,
Spoken Word Poets are not supreme being,
but they are a special breed,
and come June 30th, 2013,
only one poet will standing be at the end of War Of Words.

Who is like thee by Amodu Segun 

i was in search for the Greatest, this a great test
i know i'll find then eventually rest
will put distractions behind even if i hunger or thirst.
will look at the world's geniuses that have done the unthinkable, 
those that have made life in 1 way or the other comfortable.
then, select who has the best stunts among them,
1 who no scientist or critic can condemn.
Time to talk of great works,
follow me as i think outside the box
Are you ready? I'm on the quest to find who is like thee.

Who is like thee?
is it the great builder that sees a flat land, then explores his Creativity?
from the land, he makes the house with the sand, and then the City.
could it be the intelligent author that converts 1 sentence to the best selling book?
trust me, you can't say any of these has an element of luck or you are smelling fluke.
1 of these guys has to be the greatest, but i stop to ask myself this.
i wish i could write boldly on a vest; "did they make their creativity? please.
i know it's not easy to write down, or keep a building steady
so i look left, up, right, down - still searching for who's like thee

who is like thee?
is it the inventor of the plane that got the idea by studying a Bird?
or the maker of the lie detector to help reduce Fraud?
could it be the physicist that performed the 1st experiment on Elasticity?
or the scientist that from nowhere discovered Electricity. 
see, these guys works are fabulous, and out of this Earth
but which 1 made for us, a machine to prevent Death?
i know its not easy to be extremely intelligent and Nerdy
here i am still busy asking; 'who is like thee?'

who is like thee?
is it the herbalist that empowers others with his charm?
or the magician that also walked on water despite weighing over a 100 kilogram?
could it be the head of cult with a name like "skulls", that is as vital as the Suture?
is it the spiritualist that throws some balls, looks at the palm and tells you about the future?
see, these guys superpowers are firm, let's be honest
but who will they spit on and reply with "father, forgive them", answer, be my guest.
i know it's not easy to be powerful, and not be a bit randy.
i can no longer keep this cool, for the last time i ask; "who's like thee?"

who is like thee?
"who is like thee?" has been the question.
which inventor can invent inventions that will invent inventions
if you need me define invention, then you need divine intervention.
who made the galaxy, and the whole universe?
who the poets that from a-z, write every verse?
who made every creature; the righteous, the sinner and the herbalist?
who made the pope and the priests that we respect their nature, i can go on till i make a full list.
see, he was the one that was beaten, and still prayed for his enemies
he is right there in heaven sitting
he in powerful, can use a little kitten to defeat large armies
he is mighty in battle
on a thousand hills, owns all the cattle.
he is the master of time that doesn't need a watch on his wrist
he never fails, changes or lies.
he is the one who even Einstein; the greatest scientist says doesn't play dice
as mighty as he is, he wants to be our daddy.
he is the only 1 that can give you peace, thank you God, cos there is None like thee!

Watch the video here:

#WarofWords - Who is like thee by Amodu Segun

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