Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Colour Blind (A Spoken Word Poem)...!!!

After the recent hullabaloo about racism in my favourite league (i.e. the EPL), here is a little poem put together to raise people's spirit. 

Colour Blind 
(A Spoken Word Poem)

I am everything and nothing, I am colour.
I steal individuality, I distort the reality,
I struggle to fit in, I can’t help but stand out,
All who see me find their minds filled with doubt.
I have caused countless deaths, lands have been ravaged in my name,
And still the understanding of my unimportance remains the same.
I am prejudice, I am segregation, I am distrust.
I am colour.

Some might say the picture I have painted is far too black and white,
That for many years now humanity has done its best to unite,
Of course matters are improving, that I can’t deny,
But to say nothing remains to be done, would be a terrible lie.
It’s true we have a black president,
but the racial divide remains evident,
Young black males are still 28% more likely to be stopped while the whites walk free,
Why don’t we just go back to the good old times of DWB?

I long for acceptance, I yearn for respect,
Alas, I know this world of mine isn’t quite ready yet,
I wish to be invisible because that would allow my bodies to be free,
Free to be themselves and free from just being me.
I am everything and nothing, I am colour.

But let’s keep it real now,
And I’ll tell you what burns me to my core,
It’s when any white friend of mine says he can’t take it any more,
When he’s in a room full of blacks,
Shying away from an imaginary skin dominated attack.
 Now I know it’s all about what you’re used to,
But if we can adapt to being the odd one’s out, they should too.

I am everything and nothing, I am colour.
If you see me, then you have failed to truly see.

by Anonymous 


  1. I'm not Black;
    I'm African.
    U'r not White;
    U'r human.
    Jst lik me.

  2. Permission to use your picture of the ladies...

  3. cool! racism is fast going into extinction anyways...

    1. Did you mention it's fast going into extinction? No sir, if it's not more pronounced, I bet it's not less noticed either. Racism is real and it isn't bulging, sadly.

  4. Fast going into extinction? where are the statistics? any evidences? I'm afraid racism is still so real and not bulging. Way to go is to know who you are...Man know thyself. Are you yourself or a some-person wannabe? Self realisation is a good way to start dealing with this universal scourge.
    Nice poem BTW.

  5. Very good assessment. However, I consider myself a beautiful "colored" woman, because color means beautiful. It's when we label ourselves as "black" which denotes evil, and "white" which denotes good that we run into a lot of confusion. Also, colored folks born in America are Americans with African Ancestry. Folks born in African and become American citizens, are African-Americans. I realized at my age, that labels are important for many things, but when we play with them with "human" beings, being the only race, it causes us to fall into UN-organized chaos. Racism will never disappear because we are "human" beings.