Friday, November 30, 2012

If Jesus was a Christian (a poem juxtaposing the life of Jesus and the modern day Christian).

Bodyguards would have barricaded,

And the blood would still be an issue.
Offerings bowls would be passed around,
To feed the multitude.
To Jerusalem, a convoy of cars,
He would need- A grand entrance
For Pilate, an army of lawyers,
To mount defence.
The woman in Samaria would continually thirst,
Because he has ethnic preference.
The merchants in church would bring returns.

and He would build universities his members can't afford.
In his 'holiness', he won't wash dirty feet,
For his reverence, he won't sleep in the streets.
Miracles would be public spectacles,
Lazarus would have paid a handful.
The blind man would lean on his staff,
Waiting for the angel to stir the water.
He would have sold his soul to the devil,
for the riches of the world.
He would send the 'holy ghost' fire,
To consume Judas,
The cup of life would have passed over,
And he would be another Jonah.
He would have used the courts,
To block the pains of the cross.
Asking not forgiveness,
for the mob that cursed.
he would never have died like a thief,
To bring humanity everlasting relief
Because Jesus was not Christian.

Before you start throwing tantrums, this is a poem juxtaposing the life of Jesus and the modern day Christian.

by Afroxyz

Thursday, November 29, 2012

SPOKEN WORD vs POETRY (a lovely poetic piece)

They say,
Spoken word is poetry.
I say,
Try coke and pepsi

For one lives for the stage,
Rhythms and flowetry,
The other lives in the page,
Methaphors and imagery.

They say,
Spoken word is poetry,
I say,
A sea is not its tributary.

One is direct and vivid,
talkative and expressive.
The other is secretive,
Says more with few words.

They say,
Spoken word is poetry,
I say,
Use omelettes to cook egusi.

One is superficial and flashy
Seeking to capture your eyes.
The other is an endless abyss
An emptiness that fills the heart

They say 
spoken word is poetry,
I say,
Compare silk and cotton.

One is a bride,
Without jewels
The other a maiden,
With a string of pearls.

They say,
Spoken word is poetry
I say,
Marriage is not wedding

For one,
The tongue is a pen,
For the other
The pen is also the tongue

They say,
Spoken word is poetry.
I say,
A War song is not music.

by Afroxyz

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Spoken Word as an art of Poetry...!!!!

Spoken Word has taken the poetry scene by storm since the 80's and 90's. You can hear the earthy, raw, erotic, exciting, and honest art form in many places such as restaurants, coffee houses, museums, universities, church (yes church) and just about wherever people can be found. This art form is contagious, attracting all ages, cultures, and creeds. People are drawn to its electricity on one hand, yet for others, it exudes a solemn and spiritual quality that relaxes the mind and body.

Spoken Word is similar to rapping but there is a distinct difference. Rapping is usually accompanied with some form of rhythmic music, whereas spoken word is usually a narration; it's music a natural flow of and from the human body releasing emotions that the speaker may have. Those feelings are often used to engage and entertain the audience. The objective is all about presentation, sharing stories and feelings that people don't normally put out in the open. What's so great about the art of Spoken Word is that the listeners are drawn into a magnetic field of raw honesty which is the center of spoken word.

Spoken Word is an art form that is steadily rising, birthing new ideas and ways to express emotion and stories as well as entertain listeners. The best quality is that it’s a very positive form of entertainment. There are many venues that cater to this art form throughout California. Major cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Riverside, and Oakland, to name a few are very popular hubs; overflowing with the electric energy and popular spoken word artists like Tshaka, Poetri, and the Inland Empire’s own The Poet X. (Nigeria is also fast becoming a popular hub for Spoken Word Poetry as new venues spring up everyday).

Believe it or not there are those who don’t acknowledge spoken word as a true extension of poetry but poetry in itself is about self-expression, releasing and sharing uninhibited emotions, going to a place within one’s soul that may be riddled with complexities of life, sadness, or happiness. It’s a place that many benefit from, whether speaking or simply observing, if only they would make the trek to that place of freedom, where happiness and self-discovery abounds for many. Art is what we make it. It is done to express oneself. Those in observation simply benefit from the quest of another’s artistic expressions.


Peeps that rocked #WordUpVol2.......!!!!

Ivori, the African Poet,

 Holy Blaze, blazing a poetic path into our minds

DJ Swaggz (Word Up official Dee Jay)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Spoken Word Poets & Soul Singers that rocked #WordUpVol2 November 17, 2012

Oyinkansola wowing us with her sonorous voice

The hottest poets in Naija, from left to right: Ivori, Efe Paul, Holyblaze, Donna K and Torpedo

Ivori - the African Poet, making our "minds go loco."

Bob Ekat, the energetic poet 

The U.K based Spoken Word Poet, Princeps


D Tone Martins the ever wonderful soul singer

Plumbline with his ever witty punchline
 - I'm not supposed to say this, but  I know how Richard Branson lost his virginity 

Torpedo Mascaw, best freestyle poet in Naija

Efe Paul  Azino - one of Naija's foremost Spoken Word Poet

Ndukwe Onuoha,
"you see, change may come somehow, or change may come someway,
or change may come someday, but that day,
is not Today!!!"

Lumynos, the fast rising soul singer, he got skills...!!!

Chinelo Renee, da diva and da poet

Soonest I Nathaniel, doing a poem titled, these children

Nini Efem, the designer and the poet
on the red carpet