Saturday, June 29, 2013

10 year old poet's entry for #WarOfWords Slam Poetry Competition

Her teacher told her he was entering for a poetry competition with a theme "It to win it." 30 minutes later, she had written a poem on the theme. That was pretty impressive, but when I now watched the video, I tripped!!!
Omo, see the swag, and she is just 10 year old. 
You don't believe me, well, watch the video below.

ITEOLUWA AKINSUNMADE: #WarOfWords - In it to win
She is a 10 year old girl and is surely one for the future. 
Watch out for her.

Friday, June 28, 2013


This battle is a War of words and of wits
Not a refuge to poets that’ll be torn to bits.
If then you think yourself a sage
Come 30th June there’ s a war to wage.
Eat up your paper words and come to stage
And poets shall speak and spark with rage.
I do not care if your appellation is Enigmatic
Or that in the past you have become Charismatic.
Sam not the Ram with a murderous horn,
For thou might be into thousand pieces torn.
You may on your page have a Saint Rhyme,
Come to stage and let’s do the poetic mime.
If Olulu likes let him invite the Rain,
This is the time to know the best in our Train.
Bolaji St.Ramos

D-Ray: It will be a flawless victory for me at #WarOfWords

Name: Romanus Itima

Pen-Name: D-Ray (Word gives Light, Light is abstract, it's Ray is potent)

D.O.B: 13 September 1988

BA in History/Int'l Studies,University Of Calabar

Sculptor and coordinator of the Creative Circle, Calabar State.

Running from myself to find the real me.
Gazing at the sun to see the moon. 

Mirrors says I'm-boy,
mindset speaks man, 

my pen bleeds light
Blinded by its rays, 

I see no flaws.
Like my grandma's stool, 

a sit of wisdom.

Mission::: To re-create value to stray and everyday words, giving them well deserved freedom of speech to the listening pleasures of itching ears.

Watch his video after the break

Thursday, June 27, 2013

The 3 Great Judges for #WarOfWords...!!!!

Who better to judge a poet than an Emcee, who is also a free styling poet that runs his own weekly shows in Lagos and Abuja?

Who better to judge a poet than the first lady to start an open mic poetry event  and has organised over a 100 of such shows?

Who better to judge a poet than a master poet who runs a monthly open mic poetry show and has 3 recorded singles and videos?

We present to you our judges for War Of Words (Slam Poetry Competition):

Tope Sadiq aka Torpdeo Mascaw is an IT consultant during the day and a poet by night,having worked for a mobile telecommunications company for a number of years, he decided to follow his passion and the Freedom group was born. The Freedom Group consists of:

Freedom Studios: a kitchen where great alternative Music, Film and Poetry are produced.
Freedom Hall: a platform where talent is discovered ,nurtured and exposed on a national stage. The event currently runs in Lagos and Abuja on a weekly basis.
Freedom Records: a music and film distribution channel via online and mobile.
FreedomHall Arts Foundation: is an NGO through which we can help the less privileged in our Midst and in other Nations.
Tope Sadiq is currently Director of Content for e-Scape Technology as well as Executive Producer FreedomHall. 
His hobbies are Fishing, Chess, Cooking and Swimming

Lydia Idakula Sobogun is the CEO of Gbagyichild Entertainment and convenes 'Taruwa', a monthly performing arts event in Lagos, Nigeria. 

She also convenes the yearly 'Taruwa Festival of Performing Arts' and publishes the Taruwa Magazine. A quarterly arts and culture publication.

She has organised over 100 events including photography Exhibits, movie premieres and book launches

She lives in Lagos, Nigeria with her husband and four year old daughter.

Jeffery Jaiyeola aka Plumbline is a Poet, Songwriter, Political Blogger (  and Hip Hop Rap/Spoken Word artist.

Plumbline was born in Lagos Nigeria, in his Lagos Island hometown. Growing up, he was influenced by Local Poets like the late Mamman Vatsa and later on caught up with the works of the Late Ken Saro Wiwa.

His defining moment was when he heard Kurtis Blow's "Basketball" and "If I ruled the World" in the Early/Mid Eighties.  Having been on Michael Jackson's pop and Boney M's Discotheque, this was to him a paradigm shift. By the time he was in high school, he started writing his own rhymes but did not go into active recording till 2006, the time he concluded his Masters Degree in Applied Geophysics.

Some temporary setbacks, including losing his recordings at the time his then Producer got robbed; Laptop, Backup and all did not deter him.

He started and runs a monthly Spoken Word Poetry event called Chill and Relax
He is a Regular Spoken Word performer at Taruwa and Anthill. He was also one of the Poets at Rhyme and Reasons for Jos, a gathering of Artists and Comedians to decry the Jos violence. He is one of the main act at WORD UP events.

He has since teamed up with BigFoot (Micworx), Kraft (Kraftmatiks), and Steady of STOMProductions on an ambitious Hiphop/Spoken Word project.

Plumbline's Alter Ego, Plumbtifex Rantimus has a forthcoming EP, a Seven Track in 7 Days Project with Kraftmatiks of which two singles: Beautiful and Not Jos a Song has been released. 

#WarOfWords is supported by ...............!!!!

Chill and Relax

Clementina: young but ready to win #WarOfWords

Owumi Clementina is a young creative writer and a performance poet from Delta State, Ughelli-South.

 She has written so many life changing dramas, poems with inspiring themes and catchy articles.

Watch the video after the break

Uzbek: #WarOfWords? Nah, its my victory speech.

He is not from Uzbekistan; a lot of people don't even know him by his real name.

Uzbek (Ibrahim Olawale Edu) is a lyricist, rapper, writer and wordsmith to name a few.
grew up listening to conscious rap and building on the messages he harnessed from the profound lyrics.

He is known for his wordplay and lyrical ability. A focused young man who believes in the power of words.

Now is the right time for him to showcase his talent to the world. He feels a good start is the #WarOfWords slam poetry competition.. 

He keeps saying HE IS IN TO WIN IT!

Watch the video after the break

Kemistry is on a winning spree and next up is #WarOfWords

Bakare Islamiya Kemi aka Kemistry

Kemi is a young performance poet who was born and bred in Ajegunle, she was appointed as the director of performance in A.J house of poetry (2012). 

She hails from Kwara state, and was born January 1994. 

Bakare was the school social prefect earlier 2012 in Alakoto senior high school, Tolu. Her great command of words, passion and spirit towards Art, was and still her strength that makes her to be able to pull her school out of coma. 

Kemi is the overall winner of the "open mind and mic session" of Wordslam Five 2011, organised by Gothe institute Lagos. She was the LOUDTHOTZ Poetry reading, Poet of the month in May 2013 on her first appearance

Her favourite quote (I’d rather ransom my neck to a noose, than to cry you out of my blood) was quoted by her when her best sister gave up the ghost.

Watch the video after the break

Dare Dan: I am more than words can say #WarOfWords

I am Dare Dan, a B.Agric. degree holder from the university of Ilorin. 

I’m a farmer, a writer, a blogger and a lover of words. 

Knowing that I can educate and at the same entertain by just speaking words is my greatest discovery in life. 

I love philosophy of ethics.

Watch the video after the break

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Felix D Great has got the Grit to win #WarOfWords

Name: Felix Nnamdi Egbomuche

D.O.B: March 24th, 1992

A Poet, Mellifluous Singer, Astute Composer and Blogger, Chastity Instructor, Dedicated Student of Philosophy and a Teacher.

He works as an assistant to the Principal Consultant of Abstinence Icon, a sex solution company. He is also the social media officer at Da School of Life Ministry.

He Loves reading, writing, Philosophising, watching football, blogging his thoughts and playing with Words.
He calls himself The Next Big Name Of the Nigerian Spoken Word Industry and believes he can be one of the greatest Spoken Word Poet from this part of the world.

Meet 'the Priest of the Invisible,' Felix d great.


Twitter: @Felixdgreat1

Watch his video after the break

St. Rhymes: Rhyming is the game plan for #WarOfWords

St. Rhymes formerly known as Rhymovator, is an anointed and highly creative Spoken Word Poet, Inspirational Speaker, Author and a Master story teller.

He has been opportune to meet popular arts like Rev. Victor Atenega, Nataniel Bassey, E-Ben, Gbolahan, Vector, etc.

After professionally staging his art in 2006, his energetic and dramatic style of poetry helps him deliver his punch lines into the heart of his audience.

His message centers on the discovery of Purpose and Living a fulfilled life.

St. Rhymes is also an amazing Master of Ceremonies (MC). 

Watch his video entry after the break

Seye La Poet: confident of winning #WarOfWords

Seye Ogunniyi a.k.a Seye la poet is a dynamic Creative Writer and Performing Poet. 

He performed at a recent Poetry workshop hosted by Veteran Spoken Word Artist- Shihan Van Clief (Of Def Poetry Jam) in Lagos, Nigeria. He has also performed at Chill and Relax (an opne mic monthly spoken word event) along with other notable poets in Nigeria.

His poem; "RIGHT BEHIND YOU JACK" is published in "INTO THE SHADOWS" ( An International Anthology) by FORWARD POETRY (UK) and it's available at the British Library, further libraries across UK and Republic of Ireland.

Seye la poet is single and searching.

Watch his video entry after the break

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

K-Meks #InItToWin on the day of His Dad's Birthday #WarOfWords

NAME: Otuya Emeka Kingsley

STAGE NAME: K-MEKS...meaning...Keep-Mastering-Every-Knowledge-System..!! 

DATE OF BIRTH: 11th March 

ADDRESS: Warri-Delta Sate, Nigeria.

OCCUPATION: Student of Delta State University...studying Mechanical Engineering

L.G.A: Ukwuani Local Government Area-Delta State.

WHAT I DO: Writing, Spoken Word Poetry, Acting, Directing, Master-Of-Ceremonies, Preaching.

WRITING: I started writing from Primary School...but Poetry for me started January 2009 in the University....Infact, the name "K-meks" is synonymous with poetry in my school...I get my inspiration from; The Holy Spirit..and my environment. when i want to write, i first meditate on the theme or title for some time...then I'm good to go.

FOR THE RECORDS: I always use elipsis(...), when i write...I'm a Manchester United Fan & One of the best poets I've seen is my younger brother- Friday Otuya...who is a 200L Mass Communication Student of UNIBEN.

ABOUT SPOKEN WORD POETRY: Poets should be proud of what they do..'Cos We're in this business to win..!!

Watch his video entry after the cut.......

Gbenga Osowe: The POETIC PSALMIST.#WarOfWords

Osowe Oluwagbenga Omolayo likes to describe himself by his itinerary, thus: Classroom (where he teaches Mathematics at GMAT amongst other levels), Church (where he sings, worships and performs poems) and computer (that includes his smartphone and playbook where he writes poems, reads books and listens to music).

A music lover, Gbenga discovered the poet in him in May 2012 when news of James Ibori’s incarceration prompted him to write a poem titled “GOLDEN GATES” and he has not stopped writing poems tinged with humour and sarcasm since then. 

He loves to teach, sing, listen to music and write poems and he is a firm believer in the bright future of the Spoken Word industry in Nigeria. 

Watch out for more poems from this POETIC PSALMIST.

Watch his video entry after the break

Emeka Otoba: insured to win #WarOfWords

Emeka Otoba is a freelance writer and novelist. 
He spends his free time as an internet marketer and maintains a blog at

Emeka is also a part time student of the Writers' Bureau where he's studying Creative Writing. 

He currently works with an insurance company in Lagos.

Watch his video entry after the break

Monday, June 24, 2013

He is Bionic with "wordly" habit #WarOfWords

We will be bringing to you the profiles of all the 15 finalists for WAR OF WORDS - Slam Poetry Competition. The event comes up on Sunday June 30th 2013 from 3pm at Bogobiri House, Ikoyi, Lagos.

First up...................BIONIC!!!!

Bionic is a veteran wordsmith that is wanted in over five states of the country for rhyme-related crimes.
He plans to cross seas with this ''wordly habit'' of his. He works as a Copywriter.

He's been writing words for as long as he can remember.
He carries a pen and a pad everywhere he goes...even to bed.
On very rare occasions that one of the two items is absent, he writes on any surface; his open palm, the back of his hand, lay-away flyers, even on the flipside of the golden paper on the inside of an empty, ripped cigarette pack. Hence his line, ''The pen is my weapon/Lyrical or physical/...''
He draws inspiration from reading the bible and all kinds of stuff, flyers, magazines, newspapers, books; encyclopedias, dictionaries (Trying to do a page a day). Lol. 
He likes to work-out, swim, loves to play scrabble with his prettiful wife and chess.
Bionic feels the future of Spoken word in Nigeria is yet surprising to all. Keyword, all.

Catch more of his pieces on his youtube channel;

Below is his entry for War Of Words -Slam Poetry Competition

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The 15 finalists for War Of Words (Slam Poetry Competition).

For this maiden edition of War Of Words, we had a total of 23 video entries/ submission from Spoken Word Poets in different parts of Nigeria using the theme "In it to win."  

We even had entries from 10 and 16 year old females poets. However, only 15 poets can be selected to compete on stage at the main event on Sunday June 30, 2013. 

So after plenty argument and disagreement, our in-house judges finally reached a consensus.  Though we must mention that picking the 15 finalists was no easy task. We know and appreciate the efforts put into all the video submissions. 

We know each poet is unique in his or her own right and trying to say a poet is better than the other can be perceived as an injustice to creativity. Thus, we say a big THANK YOU to the poets who entered for the competition. But the rules of the competition limits us to 15 poets, so we have to choose, and this we did.

The 15 finalists for the maiden War Of Words -Slam Poetry Competition in no particular order, are as follows:

  1. K-Mex
  2. Alexandra Zion 
  3. Titilayo Mabogunje
  4. D Ray
  5. Felix D Great
  6. Seye La Poet
  7. Osowe Olugbenga
  8. Clementina
  9. Neofloetry
  10. Bionic
  11. Uzbek
  12. Emeka Otoba
  13. Kemistry
  14. Dare Dan
  15. Saint Rhymes
Wild Cards (in case one of the chosen 15 poets does not show up). To be chosen as listed:
  1. Momodu Ehiz 
  2. El-Karis
  3. Mac Dave
Thank you all, and you are cordially invited to  "War Of Words.” 

Venue is Bogobiri House, No. 9, Maitama Sule Street, off Awolowo Road, South West Ikoyi, Lagos.

Date is Sunday June 30th 2013

Time is 3 pm.

Gate is Free (but do buy a WORD UP DVD at the gate to support us, and buy yourself a drink when inside).

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Word War aka War Of Words (Slam Poetry Competition) holds on June 30, 2013 from 3pm

You are cordially invited to our maiden Slam Poetry Competition tagged "War Of Words.” 

Venue is Bogobiri House, No. 9, Maitama Sule Street, off Awolowo Road, South West Ikoyi, Lagos.

Date is Sunday June 30th 2013

Time is 3 pm.

Gate is Free (but do buy a WORD UP DVD at the gate to support us, and buy yourself a drink when inside).

War Of Words (Slam Poetry Competition) is an event to discover and bring to limelight new, exciting and talented Spoken Word Poets based in Nigeria. It is an avenue to view and promote the performances of new poets and also, a selection process of new poets that will get to step up and perform at the biggest Spoken Word Poetry event in Nigeria, WORD UP.

For this maiden edition of War Of Words, we had a total of 23 video entries/ submission from Spoken Word Poets in different parts of Nigeria using the theme "In it to win."  We even had entries from 10 and 16 year old females poets. However, only 15 poets will be selected by our in-house panel to compete on stage at the main event on Sunday June 30, 2013. 

Below are links to some of the video entries  

For all the video entries and the "words" of the poems, check out our previous posts. 

Come and be part of history as we slowly but surely create an industry for Spoken Word Poetry in Nigeria.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

#WarOfWords - Tug of War by Moses Ukam aka Young Flashy

This entry came in at a few seconds to 12 am last night.
Thus it is officially the last entry for War Of Words Slam Poetry Competition.
We have 23 videos in all,
and we are going to watch them all, over and over again,
before we pick the best 15 poets.
Who gets in?
Who gets axed?
Its unfortunately that we can't feature all the poets that put in their entry.
But it is good to know we have ready backup for the older and more established poets.
It is good to know that Spoken Word Poetry is growing in Nigeria,
and it is good to know, that this is just the beginning of something greater than we ever imagined.

War Of Words - Tug of War by Moses Ukam aka Young Flashy

In the history of existence no man,
I mean no man has ever won life nor
Defeat death; except him.
Him who lives in it,
Every particle that sustains man
To win it.did I say the devil? no!
Earth?...there are 52 equal percentage
Alphabetically cross-checked
Life-line  like a candle waxing wasting
Perhaps like a light up cigarette
Burning waiting for no smoker owner

With my finger I clutch my pen
I find myself traveling distance miles
Like a troubadour as i trounced
Yet ensuring words-war
Like wordsworth a word to word
Tug of war erupted as stray words
Fly-by sluts snatcher whore.....
What have you?the rest you know

Amidst this,she smiled
Like the scroll of the annals,
The archives inscribe with a secret
Of seduction such evolve the
Quest to a decipher the allegory yet
Unveiled shattering the iron-bars
Of my primitive inhibitions,with a
Nonsensical sense and incessant punch
Of a congealed feelings,
She smiled

In my heart she owns no space but
She's in it to win it.
Many a times she turns me into crime
To the almighty "yes"am guilty
But trust me she's always alibi
And mirth less. Like....(Laugh)
She brought me nothing but misery
And she made stress called a joy that Last for just few seconds but to
Behold all painful sweetness of Nothing.

I choose to make my words become
My swords and my lines as sharp as Oddesys arrow,so my sword arrow Crossed pierced into her
And she will loose her total strength
On the last day,when he will come
He will restore all the lost hopes
I saw on the eyes of late okon's
Children. I choose life in it,
I choose life in it to win my
Soul to Christ.

Watch the video on this link
#WarOfWords - Tug Of War by Moses ukam aka Young Flashy

Monday, June 17, 2013

#WarOfWords -IN IT TO WIN by K-meks Otuya

This is not a valid video entry.
Well, He came all the way from Delta and got an automatic slot during the last WORD UP Volume 4.
There was a preview of War Of Words during WORD UP Volume 4,
and he stepped up to the mic and rocked it.
So with or without this submission,
he is already part of the poets to compete on War Of Words stage come this June 30th 2013.
There are just 14 slots left :).

IN IT TO WIN by K-meks Otuya

Each time I cast a gaze at the state of my fatherland
A confused countenance appears before me
It causes a sense of phobia that erupts from the mess, we stand upon
Finding its way through my knee caps and into my thighs
And gradually, settles like a digested food in my bowels
Generating an awful sensation that keeps me awake each night-Pondering and Thinking
Where did we miss the path shown to us by our fathers?
How did we get to Herod's Palace, seeking the death of Christ-Us?
From whence did we attract this destructive spell?
I asked! I thought!! I wept!!!
In my wallowing and sorrowing state
I recalled the story, as it was told in our History class
Great Compatriots who envisaged a great Nigeria
Lifting up their banners
Standing against the plague of colonialism
Dogged men who were armed to the teeth
For they were armed with Courage, Strength and Might
Fighting but for a just cause
Heroes who laid aside Greed and Selfish interests
Complementing one another
Engaging the colonial masters in constructive dialogue
Giving their all and best-They obliged
'Cos they were in it to win
Oh! Yes they won
They won in their quest for freedom
Gaining Independence from the hands of the Queen's men
Upholding the element of continuity
Teaching us the pledge
Oh! How they envisaged
A Nation where food will be available to all
A Nation whose wealth will be evenly distributed
A Nation of Peace and Tranquility
Where normalcy and decency would exude from all sectors of the economy
In these-they lived for..laboured..and died for
But right from the tombs where they lay-I hear their crys
Crying for a generation seeking direction
A Nation of people with no defined purpose for living
Burdened by these anomalies-I make this clarion call
Arise! Fellow Countrymen
The race to prominence isn't easy-No doubt
But we must Brace-Up ourselves
Holding on to the truth
Binding us together
That we are Africa's Giant
Transforming Nigeria from this pitiable state, 

to a state-of-the-Art Nation
I dare to say, If we believe truly in this
The world ain't seen nothing yet,

Cos we're in it to win.

Watch the video via this link

#WarOfWords-"IN IT TO WIN" K-meks Otuya