Saturday, June 1, 2013

#WarOfWords - The girl from the slum by Kemistry

Now I love this entry, you want to know why? Well, she is bold, hot, and flows well. 
Yeah, that's right, we have got a female poet in the house, and she is gunning for the crown.

#WarOfWords - The girl from the slum by Kemistry

There is nothing new about being a slave of hunger
But the of its existence is the thing I ponder
I've had my hands fold
My heart cold against my bone
I've reached for height to stand
But still drop in fear of having failure for result

Do you know the tale of my yesterday's death?
For the pains in stones that raped my heart are beyond thought 
Have you ever met life when naked with fears of evil painted in its eyes?
That's the ballad of my death
When I still can't figure out a dream of being human
But only sorrow to wet my vein
And pursue one dream of stealing my mother's tears

Under my roof
When it rains, I have my bucket on my chest
No brain to think of tea
Damn the mind set of warmth
When every step taken in finding a better sleep

Makes you want to feel guilty of being born

I've plucked my eyeballs with the help of tears before
I crawled along life's speed
Knowing nowhere to heed
In silence of soreness, I selfishly enjoyed my loop
Stepping on different hooks

I carried the whole world rock
Shattering in heart
Tattered In soul

Scattered in mind
In search of hope

Dead hope?
The on e that create in heart a deep hole
My pains I tried to fold
There she goes
To the heart of the rain with her load
Even when rain turns snow
Let sky break down brick after brick
I'll never grow sick
For I've died thousand times
Again rise
So my birth become a song in full lyrics

Now I stand firm like a mountain
I soar higher than the peak of birds in the sky
I striped failure naked
For I want to be the head
I am failure worst nightmare

I'm the mountain, 
am the rain, 
am the wind,
I'm the sun
I'm the sky that birth them all
Failure is the greatest thing I lack
I'm the girl beyond imagination
Indefinable, I am
The hotness in fire is me
Come thunders, come tempest
All of it I will throw to my t'aichi
My vein no longer grow phobia for fear
For I've climbed mountains
To the greatest height
I've walked darkness in search of light
I've lost diamond in battle for might
Now I've grown
And I know
The fear of failure begins the birth of life.

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#WarOfWords - The Girl from the slum by Kemistry

To enter for War Of Words (Slam Poetry Competition), go to this link for the information, terms and conditions

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  1. hmm surprise
    A girl rocking me to the core
    i can see she got it all

    thank you dear
    i like the boldness, i respect your flow.