Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Word Up Volume 4 (a poem by Arch Angel)

People gathered from far and near,
Different complexions,dark and fair.
Words were spoken,words were heard,
Some spoke of stressful times of the living,
some spoke of the peace of the dead.
And when shadows asked who called to their soul,
Resounding applause replied,"Word Up Volume 4".

Strings were strummed,sambas were beaten,
Soulful voices rose high, like prayers to heaven.
Poems and songs calmed the troubled heart,
Poems and songs enlightened minds,
showing the true path.
And when Angels asked who called to their soul,
Shadows replied,"Word Up Volume 4".

Now I hear growling murmurs behind me on the line,
I'm sure they don't know that here,there's no limit of time.
So I look into the eyes of the Angel before me,
Wondering why he's telling me this long story,
And I ask him,"What's the criteria for the destination of my soul ?"
Then he replied, "simple,were you at Word Up Volume 4 ?"

by Arch Angel