Tuesday, June 11, 2013

#WarOfWords - AFRICA by Ikenna "Bionic" Mbah

He said his name is Bionic
I guess his style is also dynamic
Cos he is screwing words tight like a mechanic
making the ladies scream, please put a ring on it.
In short, the guy dey yarn.

War Of Words - AFRICA by Ikenna "Bionic" Mbah

Why is it as Andrew, we seek ablactation from outside of Africa?
Like a babe in the woods, I'm bitterly blessed by Africa
Cadence, my Coal City crafted Africa
I "Deebo" the mic, the deed broke dreams for Africa 
Estray can't eschew to estivate in East Africa
I face out! I forever fly in the face of Africa
This gabfest gangster gaff, we're going gaga in Africa
Hackles raised, habitude crazed, harken to Africa
Immortal inertia in Africa
Justifies hope for a James Bond-type jerk for Africa
Killed for the moment but Keyser Sose became Africa
We live forever a day/Lackaday! Lackadaisical Africa
Mindboggling, my words e humble/I be African
Nouns, naissances, none nearly African
Obtest to God, this ode be a good omen for Africa
Parasite to parvenu, put peace first in Africa
Quarantine minds/Radial radical race to the sanitarium
Some speak in tandem, yet taciturn
Uhuru by any means, like some unbeknownst con
Vandal-turned-voice, vocation or avocation
Words waddling out, exit man
A yes-man yielding to what's-in than wisdom
Africa zealotry zany but like Zoro, we mask it
From zero to zenith, like Zaccheus; we're in it to win it.

Word meanings
1: Deebo_Inspired by the character from Ice Cube's ''Friday'' movies. Originally means to steal something.
2: Uhuru_Swahili for ''Freedom''.

Watch the video via this link 

#WarOfWords - AFRICA by Bionic


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