Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Spoken Word Poetry don "fly" like "Pidgin."

He was one of the crowd's favourite at War Of Words Season 1 Slam Poetry Competition. Though he did not win, (he was the 1st runner), his performance left a lasting impression cos his unique brand of Spoken Word Poetry.

"If Dis Lines na Xmas rice? English Fowl too cost Na it make me buy pidgin"..

At Word Up Volume 5, he flew in from Calabar and showed his skill was no fluke. It was pure "Pidgin Spoken Word Poetry" at its best, no dilution, no disruption, no corruption. He just dey flow like say he get diarrhea of the mouth :)

His name is D-Ray, "the Pidgin Spoken Word Poet." 

Check out his video and tell me what you think. But please note, he said, 

"Hearing Safety, I dey talk carelessly with pidgin so wear ur seat-belt"...

D Ray on stage at WORD UP Volume 5 (First Anniversary Edition) 
which held on August 17, 2013 in Lagos, Nigeria. 
WORD UP is the biggest Spoken Word Poetry event  in Nigeria. 
It features A-list Spoken Word Poets on the same stage.

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  1. Video link to Be the change you seek by Kruseaphix #WarOfWords2 http://t.co/TESAclLwrr