Sunday, October 27, 2013

#WarOfWords2 The Difference by High On Word

The Difference by High On Word

Do you know the difference between me and you
It is not that I have money and you don’t
It is not that I have properties and you don’t
The difference between me and you
Is that I’m always happy and you’re not
I’m ever thankful but you don’t
I don’t complain but you do
You want to do everything to be rich
I do what I love and do it well
I always know I’m wealthy
I respect myself, do you?
The contrast between us is that
I want to help people but you always want people to help you
The similarity that does not exist between us is the fact that
I took time to get better, sharpening my strength
You went into the farm with blunt instrument
I don’t blame people for my troubles
Do you take responsibility for yours
Giving ache your ankle
But it is health to my bones
And air for my lungs
You think that money makes rich
But it is riches that brings money
Work hard, but always create time to think
Pray hard and believe what you prayed.
Value yourself
Don’t exchange your value for food
You are bigger than your stomach
Don’t exchange it for money
You are richer than your pockets
Your possession does not describe nor define you
You describe and define them
They are, because you are
Pay less time to your stomach’s hunger
Else, you will be bound to self
Don’t you know that you are a slave to that which
You pay attention to and
A servant to that which you look up to
You are more precious than gold
You are a god
More precious than silver
You are forever
Hello my friend
The distinction between a rich man and a poor one is
Awareness and Value
That is what I heard the rich man in my             
Say to the poor man in my imaginations

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