Thursday, October 24, 2013

#WarOfWords2 Blank mirror by J-Quill

Blank mirror by J-Quill

Scene 1,
Tell me about a honest
Impostor,.smiling greedily
In a Pose like;Sizwe banzi
I mean
Polished Smiles
Rehearsed speech
Perfected etiquettes
Standing untop of rovers
Waving hands and at the 
Right price?
My vote is yours

Scene 2 is like seeing 2000 
Gentlemen,queuing for a 
No-gentle man's job of a Driver
In a cement factory were only
One driver was needed anyway

Scene 3 unravels the mystery
As seen in cemetery
Marred visions of the
Allu victims
Aborted projects of corp members, caught up in flames
Or shredded in pieces yet
United in the phrase
"Mass burial"

Scene 4 is having four-seen a
Success,and amidst ur thrust
Tryna reach out tryna get it
Like a flash!,an unforeseen
Phrase from within
"Na man know man 
World we dey"

So scene 5 survives the 
Episode of the improvise me
Whose five senses realize that
The glued revolution I seek
Eludes sages revolution so
Even gazing @ d mirror,
I don't see me,absurdly
I can't see me but a missing
Figure of me in the mirror
You know why?

Cos the change I seek is not
The face I see in the mirror,
Its the inner-me in scene 1,
To scene 2 who don't neglect
Talent to sap for colar jobs
Or enbark on jungle justice
As seen in scene 3 so
When I see 
"chop mama thank you "
Peers on scene 4 as a poet,
I'll let my pen bleed out
To stupor I mean,
My zeal for change
Would be the urge to purge out
The me within so
When the 5 scenes co-relates My 5 senses,
Then and until then can I be
The change I seek!

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