Friday, October 25, 2013

#WarOfWords2 WHEN WE REALIZE by Ehiz d poet

This guy is good, 
deep words, 
nice flow, 
and passion is clearly evident.
He narrowly missed out on being one of the 15 finalist during War Of Words saeson 1.
Will he get lucky this time?
Well, if you ask me, 
I will say, me likey likey!!!

WHEN WE REALIZE by Ehiz Momodu aka Ehiz d poet

Won't it be funny?
To wake up some day and realize that humans with hands, and untamed thoughts
Have been dancing to rhythms of rat drums hovering round a circle of untidy definitions where we are like script-less antagonist armed with bitter memories of what we thought are bigger than all we are.
So we drunk our minds in anger and distance it from love of all kinds,
Paint the eyes in raging passions and pierce it thick into the racing heart of a fellow antagonist,
And with our own hands, we drag apart the earth
And masquerade the flesh of our falling comrades
Into an act of out of existence..
Then our dreams becomes hanging..
And soon dies like untold ferry tales
Like fantasies defeated when realities strikes to the fore
Then our heads turn into a grave host of undone dreams,
Of unmade songs, of UN-fought wars
And of voices of rusty ideas echoing dirges of regrets
Maybe when flood of reality swabs out the blind folds
And stop the music of rat race and rat lanes only for us 

to realize that the clock is helplessly holding its hands at very end,
Then we turn to drink the falling remains of uncouth songs,
Dream of moon and cooling blues
Sing dead blues and pretend cool,
Smile like fools and polish our noose
And watch hooks drain our seas into private pools of few
Leaving our skins black-dead like stolen blistered fishes
Maybe then we would cheap trade our every word
To buy incantations as the only way to travel peace down our dreams...
At least they would make one smile-and fold reality under the pillow to another dawn,
So they keep us dreaming and build island of dreams
In every of our sleep.-at day -dusk --or young dawns
And fuck the business of reality insane,
Deadlock the brains and tangle everything there is humans can do
Into expectation of miracle rain
And set sail to propaganda camps to add volumes to the chorusing chants of corrupt dames, 

seeking change from their nebulous plans.
But the truth however is, change isn't about dreaming all day long
It isn't about being a fan of those that sing shabby songs
It is about striking the rod into the heart of rocks to escape water for thirsty throats
It is the sword that slams against ivory shields to water tongues with victory songs
It is in the hands that craft dreams into reality..
It is about you being the change you want be.

Check out the video via the link below

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