Saturday, October 5, 2013

#WarOf Words2 BE THE CHANGE YOU SEEK by Poetstreet


I want to be the perfection to the flaws of our government
Put an end to the suffering of the masses and end their predicament
I want to be the light shining at the end of their tunnel
Fill them with oil of hope even if they have no funnel
Break myself into three, taken as a three-square meal
Cos to me, feeding Nigerians remains a big deal
I want to run, not for elections but in public taps, bathrooms and toilets
I want to be the Naira, not Pounds or Dollars bouncing in your wallets
I want to be the constant electricity running in your homes
Light up the streets of Nigeria, beautify it like Rome
I want to be the affordable fuel you queue to buy at filling stations
They removed subsidy, play us like Nintendo and Playstation
I want to be the freest and fairest election like we had in '93
So Nigerians can have something to celebrate at 53
I want to be the sanity and morality in the minds of our youths
They lost these to civilization and abandon their root
I want to be the integrity we once had in WAEC, JAMB and NECO
I represent the Nigerian student, their pains I echo
I want to be the end to senseless ASUU strikes
Elevate our tertiary education, make the standard so high
I want to be to be the ban on the importation of generators
Revive the power sector sabotaged by these predators
I want to be a religion that preaches Jesus Christ and Mohammed
And tell their worshippers that both prophets are sacred
I want to be a voice that shouts Allahu Akbar and Halleluyah
Put an end to senseless killings as if we want to make suya
I want to be the first book that contains both Quran and Bible
Connecting the two religions like a USB cable
I want to be the world cup trophy for the Super Eagles
And let the world see the glory of African struggles
I want to be the much-anticipated cure for HIV/AIDS
And be administered to infected people for free without getting paid
I want to be a good job for those graduates on the street
Who are searching for any job just to make their ends meet
I want to be a home for the homeless sleeping under the bridge
So they can have a home, while I preserve them like a fridge
I may not be Awolowo, Tafawa Balewa or Zik
But Lord, help me be the change that I seek


Allahu Akbar-God is great
Halleluyah-Praise ye the Lord
WAEC-West African Examinations Council
NECO-National Examinations Council
JAMB-Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board
ASUU-Academic Staff Union of Universities

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