Wednesday, October 23, 2013

#WarOfWords2 Whispers by Moses Ukam aka Youngflashy

Whispers by Moses Ukam aka Youngflashy

Hidden urge of secret identity discharged
Dripping like grandmothers licking roof. 
Resistance stabbed to bleed with two fingers poked into his nose to stop its breath,
Dis-countenance let rooms to gossip tenants,
Enthusiasm strangled by excuses,
Motivation slowly slaughtered by greed.
Pain caught in the act,
oh what have I done? It asked!
But later it said,
I was only doing my job to remind you,
you're still alive.

Incessantly enslaved by our orgasm 
Colonised by our itch-ness and tickles,
You never can tell when this virus has taken Over you like overdosed drugs
Can be lethal, you know? 
Trust me am the world strongest device in
Word created to oppose all words before or Next to me,
never to be a subject nor nether to my brother YES,my name is NO! 
See I live right in you but you don't use Me,
from the list you don't pay attention you're a debtor so you owe me. 
Yes! You're guilty am seeing you,
stop looking Around,
stop searching for a no me, I don't Exist, 
more like abstract am your
mindset on hind sight.

You can't find me in the corridors of
Power,not on newspaper or even in Grandmother soup pot.
See,you refused me in your hair Style, assent, smell, smiles, skin colour,
you're disgusting lie in disguise of truth. 
With just a tap from behind 
your thought went one step backward feeling the Irresistible smooth,soft and sweet 
Touches of my brother
YES I will instead of YES I do!. 
With such healthy procrastination 
Your truth loss weight to
Common sin instead of common sense.
Am not begging you but break up your Relationship with stagnant 
get divorce and Marry me cause am the right instinct for you
My name is CHANGE!,

I live in the street of your decisions,
I can't wait for you cause time is jealous.
My girlfriend nigeria cry all night begging to Return to my arms,
Locked up in the cage of
Freedom it's dangerous
Dating un-repentance just to
Keep your bed warm,madness! 
You know how much you need to
Get away with this repeating steps but yourself unforgiving wouldn't let you,
Gushing through the eyes of your thought, 
when will you loss grip on comfort for once? 
Watching pleasure laid in the coffin to be buried,
Remorseful goose bumps sparks
With had I known common
On the lips of your mind,
Compendium of dreams thwarted just to Rebuffed a drop of buzz.
See I am you!
Discover me cause am right within,
The change you seek,
It's an outfit, wear it!.

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