Wednesday, October 23, 2013



We sell our trust to worthless buyers in exchanges for peanuts
We let them preach us decorated lies
For us to habour hope for the future blessings
They preach love but, hold on so tight to hatred in hearts
They preach change but join the Abiku race to inject us with pains 

Beggars from different kiosk quarters 
Scattered in streets, moving in tow 
Clattering plates with their un-toned songs 
To win attentions, just for daily arms 
And mummies line in death lanes 
Straining their weak voices for already crushed wealths 
That may not be revived if hands folds on 
With tight sealed lips

We lay our pains on titanic smiles merging sadness and happiness
Life and death 
For fear is gradually kissing us out of life 
We fix irony on words 
To make wounded hearts mild 
But we can't keep this ball of life rolling 
On self propounded lies. 
Wishes are dreams 
Be the change you seek!

I will preach it 
I will say it 
I won't wish it

Wishes are fantasies with wings 
Flying away out of sight 
With its betrayer's act 
Abandoning you to drag yourself back to reality 
And then hopelessness starts to parade in thoughts 
Leaving one to wish that he could not have sold himself
To his own minds eyes 
And here frustration befriends all static wishers 

I will preach it 
I will say it 
I will sing it like freedom songs 
But certainly I won't dream it 
For the income of illusions wishes 
Are the shovels of our dead bones to come 

Leaving the unburied dreams hanging 
For more of our kinds to come drink 
From glasses of pains and agonies 

Direct and guide your trust, they are gods 
And very priceless 
Start now to chant your war songs 
To be the change you seek 
For there is no way out 
Than we being the change we seek
Like Martin Luther King thought me to always remember 
That freedom can never be voluntaraly giving by the oppressors 
It must be demanded by the oppressed

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