Sunday, October 13, 2013

#WarOfWords2 Be The Change You Seek by Dawhiizz-aD

Be The Change You Seek by Dawhiizz-aD

I am not here to lecture,
Neither your mind have I come to puncture;
But I will fetch from the well of experience
And not run pipe from the tank of witness.
Because my word is a mystery-
That has a history-
From where it makes a story-
That can relieve you of your misery.
So, if you will listen; you will reason.
I’ll tell you a story, but it could flare up in you a fury.
If you are on a chair,
It will definitely rip off your hair.
I knew a man who wanted to own a fleet of cars
“I will own houses one of these days, he says.”
But we were to beg fifty naira for food, so I thought,
Is he crazy, I was lost in my thought.
The last time I saw him, he had become a crim
A public badger he had become, but what happened to the dreams he had long form.
Then I realised, it not good enough to cook words
Strive and ensure you eat those words.
To think and desire is so easy
But to do and have is what that is fuzzy.
Just like a plane, you must first run on land.
It is your fleet and pace that takes you above any ground.
Hear this!
Like a pole, first, be firm and take a stand-
Before you look ahead for another ground.
To see others listen and your words reason;
You first be what you speak and have what in others you seek
Because to make strong the weak, you must prolong your strength week
See! The feeble carry about frail hopes of change-
Because they are brittle in thoughts and don’t see beyond their kinds range
You must be robust in thoughts-to transfer your zeal to men with words
Because to require, you must first acquire.
That’s why, only a warrior tells the tale of a conquest-
And same can lead a nation on another quest.
You don’t fetch from a dry well-
Or cars run on an empty tank.
You must first be filled to fill,
Different to make a difference,
Be big to trample,
And have to give.
Because, only from the bank of alter-
The world can withdraw and deposit.
Be what the world seek- that’s a clue
And from you-they will take their cue


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