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#WarOfWords2 Be The Change You Seek by Kruseaphix

Ol boy, this guy fast o.
Hmm, probably a disguised rapper :).
But I like.
Deep words, 
Plenty action, 
And it gets better and better.

Be The Change You Seek by Kruseaphix 

That which is demanded and received when one has first given above that which is expected of him. 

Which implies that for me to seek or expect change, 
I must first have implanted seeds beyond my expected range.
Lest my request sounds silly like; walking to the cashing point at a mall, with a full trolley, 

give him nothing and say to the cashier you owe me a twenty.
That's how silly we sound when we sit back with folded arms 

and say the level of corruption is on the rise when it ought to be climbing down.
Ever wondered what the problem truly is with this country? 

Well let me spare you your misery and unravel the mystery, 
I present to you the answer; its me! 
As well as you!.
For a house is said to be dirty only when its occupants are; 

or isn't that why we refer to politics as a dirty game only because some of its players were?
The people make the nation. 

So if you're aiming at changing a situation without your arrow pointing at the population, 
you'll end up like a foolish chemist who desires a different reaction 
while his initial reactant remains unchanged; 
what a foolish expectation.
Haven't you heard that he who's unfaithful in little is unfaithful in much? 

And as such, you're hypocrite if you criticize the president 
when you can't effectively preside over those of your own residence.
Our society is experiencing a moral decadence due to the irresponsibility of those who were meant to have preeminence as now, 

 most parents are only concerned with their kids looking good than being good so in their eyes, 
you only fall short when your skirt grows short. 
 But if you wear it long enough and keep messing around,
 its ok as long as you don't get caught.
At school, they expect you to keep passing even if you have to "sort" 

so we end up in a labor market where as well as the jobs, 
most of the qualifications are bought.
Like a heartless foe,

I have no regrets crushing on your injured toe because if you don't feel the pain,
you may never seek the pill.
I'm saying; 

If you don't feel the heat,
no matter how much sperm of motivation you receive, 
you'll never conceive change let alone deliver it.
So kindle the fire and let it burn, 

till like concave lens on myopic eyes we're equipped with a better vision
which unlocks passion 
and that is why dear Samaritan, you stopped to nurse my wounds 
when both the priest and levite saw me and passed on; 
I'm saying its the reason you'll stop to pick a piece of paper when even the janitor saw it and passed on.
I'm tired of seeing broken homes 

and single parents slugging it out on their own 
so here's my part of the solution. 
As I long as I'm a bachelor, 
I'll not go in between her thighs. 
but we know its the clapping of hands that precedes the dance.
So I wouldn't deeply kiss and let the hands feel and only when it gets to third base I'm like no please. 

But since its cyclic, we're caught in the same routine.
But really!
 How do you expect to keep digging and not go any deep in?!
Weeks later, she's faced with the dilemma of being a mother or committing murder, 

and because of our hypocritical state, 
she opts for the latter 
as everyone deems it less abominable than the former.
But if she's wise and sticks with the other wise, 

we'll end up in the maternity with more daughters and no mothers; 
a society with all sons but no fathers.
He who does not gathers scatters 

which implies that if you're not a part of the solution, 
you're definitely a part of the problem.
So the smart message sent (sms for short) is the same from nike to Niké, 

 Just do it! 
As you don't need to create a lot of buzz in other to be(e) the change you seek. 
After all in the first place, 
it was your pathogenic activities that made it sick.
Someone once said to me; 

dead men rule the world and I replied; 
its  because those who are alive have chosen to be irrelevant.
Be Relevant! And Be the change you seek!.

*None english word used*
Niké - A feminine yoruba name.

Check out the video via this link 

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