Monday, October 14, 2013

#WarOfWords2 Be the change you seek by Mac Dave

Be the change you seek by Mac Dave

What is mine is mine
Is my time to shine
Is about time I be at my prime
Is about time I wipe my tears and tell my eyes stop eye rain
Is time I stay on course and breakthrough walls
Is time I pray of course and open doors
Cause for many years I have been off course
A guy with no vision a mirage an illusion
I was so off guard that when poverty came
It came on hard striking, striking on hard
I was beaten so bad; if there was a score card
It will be zero to something it was that bad
Like that wasn't enough. He had his friends over
To have a taste of my chin chin
His friends were procrastination,depression, frustration
And after all that I was left on the floor with humiliation
Whispering into my ears; words crippling upstairs
Into my memory, telling me that I can't be great
That my present state is locked down
That he has the key to the gate from now
But as he left awhile later
Walking home I found love down town
Telling me scolding me to stand
Words renovating my psych anew,a brand
And after he spoke I took a stand
Because I was crawling before
Never had more life in me for sure
Cause no one will believe in me
If I don't believe in me
I am the change I seek
If I say am weak am weak
If I say am rich am rich
And that's how to reach my peak
Your words are the gateway to the changes you seek
Stay on the words you speak
And you will shine from week to week.

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