Saturday, October 12, 2013

#WarOfWords2 Be the Change by Tiana

Be the Change by Tiana

You blame it on the government every time you gather in your tent
Still bent on the fact they aren’t executing their assignment
Yet causing the society a serious dent
And how every supposed enjoyment
Turned into a great torment
How they could not even refund the money they lent
Well, I’m glad to inform you ladies and gent
That the solution to this predicament lies within you, me and every one in our environment
Even though we think something is missing
Yet we take no responsibility doing nothing
Action is needed so lets get something doing
And stop blaming our leaders for bribery
When you've always paid your way
Stop blaming the country for scarcity,
When you've never closed your eyes in prayers for economy supplicity
We all agreed our politicians are greedy,
But how generous are you in giving to poor and the needy
please let us stop this nagging sense of dissatisfaction
cos you've added nothing to bring about solution to the present condition of our nation
If you think everyone around you is tired.
It’s high time you retired
In order for our prayers and desires to be answered without going haywire
Good turns they say deserves another
If we as individuals
Young and old of every family member
Including the farmer, street hawker, banker and company mangers
Would make our ways right and proper
Join hands together
Going to the top won’t bring about any disorder
I assure you we are already the change we want to see

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