Sunday, October 20, 2013



Seventeenth October, two thousand and thirteen was the day
A day I felt was just  like every other one.
Although it was my birthday,
the last thing on my mind was celebration.
The original plan was to stay quietly indoors
and make no noise about it at all
But for my friends.
These people their love for me never ends.
They protested,
in fact they revolted.
They said to me, 'Young man, today is not just your birthday,
today is World's Chimex Day! "
On Demand, I stepped out of that closet of mine,
And they gave me a treat of a lifetime.
The deluge of messages I got,
to my eyes brought joyful tears so hard I fought
Some said I was cute , others said I was handsome,
some others said I was much more than awesome
But a tweet from the world famous Kelly Hansome
Made me feel like the biggest and brightest of the stars - the sun.
If love was drugs, I got overdose.
If love was alcohol, I was intoxicated.
If love was water, I got an ocean.
If love was a mountain, I stood on Everest.
Right now I sit back and reminisce,
Giving thanks to the one who's made my life a masterpiece.
The one who's blessed me with joy and bliss
And set my life on the path of increase
He is the King of Kings
The Lord of Lords and The Prince of Peace.
To my boss and mentor-Obyno
To my sister and second mother- Ijelo
To my superstar sibling and confidant- Chiso
This is a word of appreciation from your lil' bro- Emilo
To my God-given parents-Mummy and Daddy,
Nothing is what I am without your support
and the least I can say is, 'God bless you.'
To my cousins, I say 'Thank you.'
God's best gift to man is family,
and to have as part of mine, Sweetdiva and Chidi,
I count myself lucky.
As I drop my pen in the basket of love,
Knowing full well that by God and Man, I am loved,
the word of appreciation I want to give is endless,
But like Michael Jackson, I am SPEECHLESS.


(Mex Konceptz)

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