Saturday, October 12, 2013

#WarOfWords2 GOOD ACTOR, BAD SCRIPT by Slimzy

Unique, inventive and nice.
She fine too :).
She just stepped it up a notch higher.
At this rate, it can only get better


The only thing that is constant in life is change.
That gives a bit of hope.
At least with time the dishes in Nollywood's menu might change,
Probably with the likes of Emeka Ike playing Jack Bauer in Nollywood's
version of 24
That aside.
Just the other day I overheard kids discussing.
It's almost like their beginning to see what my grandpa sees without climbing
an Iroko tree.
They had a picture of the life they wished they had.
But the paints and paper in their hand produced a picture of rage.
My ears took note of every conversation that took place in that
seemingly impossible conference room.
The design was quite worthy of note-for sure.
Drainage flowing with waters that infuse little drops of death within seconds
Pile of dirt formed a great pyramid,perfect tourist attraction.
Never before has my nose been treated to a first class hospitality.
Fragrance of heated up stink welcomed my smell organ to its humble aboard.
It's not just a word; it's a person.
He stones my Saturdays and waste my Wednesdays
Snares my Sundays and toss my Tuesdays onto thorns
Freeze my Fridays and milk my Mondays
My Thursdays,he tears up into pieces.

But the question is,
What if you never had that jean sagging?
Maybe if you run on bare foots dirty rags all day 
Do the one zero-zero pattern of feeding
Swim in the ocean of mosquitoes and get relaxed in the spa of malaria 
Maybe just maybe you would receive sight to see the writing on the wall.
For me, It's simple!
I don't like what I see
So I
Clean up the mess that begins with me
Have a little chit-chat with myself
Arrange a proper talk show even if I'm my own audience
Never wait for the government to sign me up for some contract
Give my best to the very thing I love the most even though it's made worse
Exchange thoughts with geniuses to give life to the picture in their head.
Fact is,
The cleaner your attire, the better your chances
Quit playing the casualty and save your society.

Check out the video via the link below

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