Thursday, October 10, 2013

#WarOfWords2 Winds Of Change by Yetunde George

Winds Of Change by Yetunde George

Hear us,
We are the frustration and the hunger,
The pinch in your shoe size,
The lies that you don't buy,
And the things that you can't try.
Like bloodhounds the fresh scent of blood burning flesh excites us...
The tribes of wailing distress invites us...
We are the raging fire of sea and ice...
We consume what we see for a price...
We are the vultures of men!

But My constipated mind won't let go,
Won't let loose,
These ideas of mine,
Coming slow...
Of history,
Of times,
Come and gone...

The time is near,
The hour is at hand...
And as I put my pen to paper
The ink of my tears bear me witness.
Of wars lost and won,
Of things seen and gone...
Of time and space...
Of name and grace...
To find a balance...
To find a face...

But I feel the earth shifting,
A new generation drifting,
Away from our tales of woe,
To times of old.

So the fat, rich and famous should get lost or get bossed out of the positions they held with impunity!
A new age has come and what we need is unity!
Why are you still sitting down there listening to this eulogy?!

Don't just sit there, stare and  act like you don't care,
Because I know your innermost fears!
Awaken the spirit of consciousness!
Rekindle the hope of "Nigerianness!"
For we are what we are because of who we are!
We are where we are because of how we do it!
We are the Wind of Change!

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