Sunday, October 20, 2013

Tribute to sage "my hero" by Rage

Tribute to sage "my hero" 
by "Rage"

You are my Hero ..
You are the "He" who knows.. 
the "Sea" ....
The "Symbol".. 
He speaks..
The wind "Blows"...
Minds "blow"..
but Mine..
"Explodes".. are my Hero..
And everyday I dream..
To be like my Master "Sage"...
My Master "Says"..
"Son, work hard...Dream free...
And remember to bring the energy".
I say....."Dad" ..
All I need you have already given me..
If today will be my last on this stage..
Then I will give my best..
"My homepage"
You dream of love ..
But I dream to be blind..
Not to C sin... but to B Seen..
To B in the C...
now u C....
To truly love is to B..
"Truly Free"
You are Free..Free of speech..
I am Bound..Bound to speak..
Speak change through words...
words my Master "Says"
my Master's "Sage" .
I only dream to be heard..
Be led by great minds.
Mine too small to be compared..
I only dream of my Hero...
The "He" who knows.. 
the "Sea" ....
The "Symbol".. 
He speaks..
The wind "Blows"..
Minds "blow"..
but mine..
Everyday i dream  
I dream of my hero..
And when I am freed from these chains.
I'll be on this stage.
Help me father...
For I am your son.
You are "The One" Sage 
You are ."The chosen one"
You are....
"The Spoken word"....

......A Spoken word Tribute...

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