Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Our website is now up and running...!!!!!


Our website is now up and running at 


Word Up 411 is the first entertainment website with core focus on Poetry. 

So if you have literary and poetry event(s) you would want showcased to the world, then holla us and we will make sure the world sees it.

Does that mean we will close down the blog??? 

Nah, we will operate them both. 

But all the major information and articles you need would be on the website, while the blog will point you in the direction to go as well as providing ancillary services.

You are in for exciting times as we are set to take Spoken Word Poetry to the zenith in Nigeria and beyond. Are you ready?

Then go to http://wordup411ng.com/ like, comment and share and lets make Spoken Word Poetry a vibrant industry in Nigeria and beyond. That's our dream and we fully intend to live it.

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