Friday, November 22, 2013

Life and Business lessons I learnt from Steven Gerard and Stephen Keshi.

Life and business lessons I learnt from Steven Gerard and Stephen Keshi. 

I am not a fan of Liverpool, but I am a fan of Steven Gerard.
The Champions League final of 2004/05 (Liverpool versus AC Milan) is for me, one of the greatest match ever. Gerard started as a "4", then moved to play "8", and then played "2," all in one match. 

In life and in business, you sometimes have to be a utility player.
You need to be able to plug any hole (square, round or triangle),
at anytime whether you have prior knowledge or not.
Its not about being an expert in every field,
its about being ready to do whatever it takes to get results. 

Stephen Keshi, the present coach of Nigerian Super Eagles, is someone I really respect and admire, (kai, the guy take style stubborn, lol).

During the last Nations Cup in January 2013, he won the tournament without the services of some of Nigeria's experienced and/or best strikers (Osaze, Obafemi etc). 

In life and business, you don't "always" need "star players" to get things done right. You need committed players, people who believe in you and in your dream and are willing to do what to takes to make it happen.

Now don't get me wrong on this, I am not saying "Star Players" are not good or are unnecessary, but they need to believe in the dream and be willing to put in their shift which equates to commitment. Without commitment, a plan and a common objective, a gathering of "Stars" is like a candle in the wind, you see it, now you don't.

Olumide Holloway

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