Monday, November 11, 2013

I AM THIRSTY by Ali Baba (Word Up Volume 6 Celebrity Poet)


I am thirsty
For this, that, here, there, now, always
Insatiable, unsatisfied, unfulfilled, undone
I want, I crave, I need, I try, I wish
For this for that and for everything good
I am thirsty
Call me thirsty... Not Tastee

I am thirsty
For books, mags, journals, news, novels, printed matters
Knowledge, education, improvement, enhancement
I read, I cram,I scan, I edit, I grow
For now, for then and for tomorrow too
Call me thirsty... Not Tastee

I am thirsty
For love, affection, hugs, smiles, thoughts, memories,
Caring, sharing, wanting, touching, smooching, loooooving
I can, I should, I might, I will, I must
For me, for you and for them too
Call me thirsty... Not Tastee

I am thirsty
For leadership, justice, security, prosperity, accountability, peace
Executive, legislative, judiciary, individuals, organizations
I campaign, I vote, I wait, I wait, I waitoooooooooooo
For why, for what and for where!
Call me thirsty... Not Tastee

I am thirsty
For Toolz, Serena, Oprah, Aruma Oteh,
Body, brains, beauty, beliefs, behavior,
I think, I wish, I salivate, I dream, I swallow
For this, for that and for nothing
Call me thirsty... No no... Call me Mary

ALI BABA (King of Comedy in Nigeria)

Word Up, the biggest Spoken Word Poetry Platform in Nigeria comes to town again this November 2013.
This edition taggedWORD UP Volume 6 is scheduled for November 23, 2013 at Terra Kulture, V/Island, Lagos, with the theme, "Stop the violence." 
The event theme is centered around the United Nation’s “International day for the elimination of violence against women.”  

Some of the best Spoken Word Poets in Nigeria that will grace the stage are: 
Plumbline, Torpedo, RezThaPoet, Bob Ekat, Princeps, 
Chinelo Renee, Atilola, Titilayo Mabogunje, 
Shola Oguntoyinbo, Arch Angel ,
Soonest, Increase and many more.....!!!

Soul Music will be by Pure Child and Lumynos

Celebrity Poet: The King of Comedy in Nigeria, ALI BABA

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