Sunday, November 17, 2013

My heart, my joy, my love by Dupe Holloway

My heart, my joy, my love
It feels good to know that I am yours
Finally I know what it is to see the world through rose coloured glasses

My master the glasses are off
You knocked it off last night with a slap
But I have on my LV shades to cover the black eye you left

My abuser, I said no this morning yet you forced yourself on me
You never asked why I said no even though I never refused you before
I hope u are satisfied because I have reached the end of my rope

My darling, my light you decreed today would be our last day as man and wife
How right you are, I have served the last food I would prepare for you

Because today I become a widow for I made your egusi with Aconitum.

by Dupe Holloway


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